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Hello, and welcome! As the title says, this is one of the centers for compiling transcripts of the podcast Ear Biscuits. After realizing that having transcripts helped me a lot in listening to a different podcast, it came to mind that it might help out at least some Mythical Beasts to have transcripts of Ear Biscuits.

Season 1
Episode 1: Grace Helbig - Morgan
Episode 2: Philip DeFranco - Stormy (Eurobeat Kirin)
Episode 3: Shane Dawson
Episode 4: Freddie Wong
Episode 5: Hannah Hart - Heather (LadyCynthiana-kittyfae)
Episode 6: GloZell Green
Episode 7: Julian Smith - Julie
Episode 8: Tyler Oakleylast-of-the-jedi (Tumblr)
Episode 9: Harley Morenstein - Lovely Grump
Episode 10: Shay Carl pt1
Episode 11: Shay Carl pt2
Episode 12: Brittani Louise Taylor
Episode 13: Nice Peter - Josie (Mutant-Bat)
Episode 14: Chester See
Episode 15: Michael Stevens (Vsauce)
Episode 16: Fine Bros
Episode 17: Dodger Leigh
Episode 18: Vitaly
Episode 19: Superwoman
Episode 20: Alphacat
Episode 21: Toby Turner
Episode 22: Childhood (Rhett & Link Only) - Grace (Phesphant)
Episode 23: Mamrie Hart
Episode 24: Michael Gallagher (Totally Sketch)
Episode 25: Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings)
Episode 26: Girls (Rhett & Link Only) - Millie the Magical Mangatyde
Episode 27: Pomplamoose
Episode 28: Jenna Marbles
Episode 29: Troye Sivanfrickingprincess (Tumblr)
Episode 30: Our Song Writing Process (Rhett & Link Only) - Sarah (Shaywise)
Episode 31: Swoozie
Episode 32: Smosh
Episode 33: Flula
Episode 34: Lindsey Sterling
Episode 35: Summer Jobs (Rhett & Link Only) - Morgan
Episode 36: Joe Bereta
Episode 37: iJustine
Episode 38: Felicia Day
Episode 39: Dane Boedigheimer
Episode 40: John Green
Episode 41: Kingsley
Episode 42: Obsessions (Rhett & Link Only) - Stormy (Eurobeat Kirin)
Episode 43: Devin Super Tramp
Episode 44: Natalie Tran
Episode 45: TomSka
Episode 46: Watsky
Episode 47: Elle and Blair Fowler
Episode 48: Hank Green
Episode 49: 2014 Time Capsule (Rhett & Link Only) - Lawrence Calablaster
Episode 50: Mitchell Davis
Episode 51: Matthew Santoro
Episode 52: Grace Helbig pt2 - AmeliaGraceWallis
Episode 53: PewDiePie

Season 2
Episode 54: Rainn Wilson
Episode 55: Lee Newton
Episode 56: DeStorm Power
Episode 57: Josh Sundquist
Episode 58: Sports (Rhett & Link Only) - Juliette (Melusine)
Episode 59: Steve Kardynal
Episode 60: Alexis Ohanian
Episode 61: Markiplier - Heather S. (YogaGhost)
Episode 62: Bart Baker
Episode 63: Weirdest Science Experiments (Rhett & Link Only) - Patryk ( Leshy )
Episode 64: Kassem G
Episode 65: Anna Akana
Episode 66: Corroder Digital
Episode 67: Tay Zonday
Episode 68: Olga Kay
Episode 69: Most Bizarre Rights of Passage (Rhett & Link Only) - Patryk ( Leshy )
Episode 70: Sorted Food
Episode 71: Epic Lloyd
Episode 72: Stampy Cat
Episode 73: Ridiculous But True Wal-Mart Stories (Rhett & Link Only)last-of-the-jedi (Tumblr)
Episode 74: Steve Zaragoza
Episode 75: Mystery Guitar Man
Episode 76: Wassabi Productions
Episode 77: Head Injuries That Unlocked Geniuses (Rhett & Link Only) - Mistecho
Episode 78: Ingrid Nilsen - Calin Ho
Episode 79: KingBach
Episode 80: Rhett and Link Live - Grace (Phesphant)
Episode 81: Charlie McDonnell
Episode 82: Gregory Brothers
Episode 83: Laci Green
Episode 84: Charles Trippy - Freya (Bläkatt)
Episode 85: Louis Cole
Episode 86: Season 2 Finale (Rhett & Link Only)

If you'd like to transcribe an episode, comment here with what episode you want to claim, and I'll put you down on the list. Then, when you finish with the transcription, submit it here. Once I get it, it should be up within the day.

Some important things:
-.doc or .rtf files are preferred, but I can work with most other text files.
-Unless you have my OK for something else, the Dropbox link is for transcripts only.

If you're experienced in this and want to help, that's great! If you aren't and still want to help out, here's some tips:
-oTranscribe.com is a really good and free tool with speed options, timestamps, export options, and keyboard commands. It saves to your browser cache, so it can even be used offline.
-If not using oTranscribe, it's a good idea to have an audio source you can change the speed of and quickly switch to and from. It's not necessary, but it helps a lot.
-Timestamps are a good idea for when they switch topics or pause for sponsor messages.

-As far as things like 'um' and repeated words, think about the flow of reading and what your mind might skip over while listening.

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Comment by Bryanna (MartytheWittewijven) on March 23, 2019 at 11:48am

I'm gonna ask like all the others before me, is this project still a thing?

Comment by Heather S. (YogaGhost) on January 10, 2017 at 11:05pm

Stormy? Just checking in. Is this project still going? Thanks. 

Comment by Grace (Pheasphant) on December 16, 2016 at 9:55am

My question I asked before still stands

I haven't finished one of my transcripts (still) but once I do, I was wondering if & how I'd submit it if this project has stopped

Comment by Grace (Pheasphant) on October 29, 2016 at 7:16am

Is this still going on?

Comment by Lanna on April 17, 2016 at 4:43pm

I'm interested in doing #6 and/or 31

Comment by Cat (Resplendent Moonrat) on March 29, 2016 at 8:38pm

Don't know how often you're checking this anymore, Stormy, but I finished and uploaded Ep. 40. I'm gonna take Ep. 48 - Hank Green, too. Sorry for the double-post.

Comment by Cat (Resplendent Moonrat) on March 23, 2016 at 2:01am

I would love to do Episode 40 with John Green. :D

Comment by Josie (Mutant-Bat) on March 18, 2016 at 1:38pm
I can do episode 13, with nice peter!
Comment by Julie on March 17, 2016 at 4:27pm

I'll do episode 7:Julian Smith. This is my first time doing this.

Comment by Heather S. (YogaGhost) on March 8, 2016 at 6:07pm

I just came back here to say that I used oTranscribe to do my transcription & it was REALLY helpful! It saved all my writing as I went and even when I shut down my computer and went back to it the next day, what I had previously written was still up! I never had to re-write it at all! I did save a copy on my computer as I went along, just in case. Using the timestamps was also EXTREMELY helpful because I would get to a stopping point, insert the timestamp and easily get back to where I was!

The ONLY thing I had to keep re-doing was uploading the podcast file to the site. It never uploaded the file automatically, so, if anyone's going to use oTranscribe, I suggest downloading your Biscuit to your computer & then uploading it, unless it works differently for you. I had a lot of fun doing this so thank you for opening this up as a fun activity for everyone, Stormy! :) 

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