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Mythical.com - - the official website of Mythical Entertainment, replacing the old RhettandLink.com website

R&L on YouTube - - the “main channel” with all the music, skits, local commercials and much more . . . both recent material and historical archives that pre-date the beginnings of GMM.

Good Mythical Morning - - GMM is the daily show we all know and love. Video selections also include the predecessor shows Good Morning Chia Lincoln (GMCL) and The Mythical Show (TMS) plus picks from the Rhett & Link Vault

Good Mythical More - - GMMore is the show after the show.  Ever wonder what really happens after the wheel of mythicality stops spinning?

This Is Mythical - - originally titled EXTRAS - RhettandLink, this channel was for behind the scenes, outtakes, unedited editions, etc.  Now the home for a wide variety of Mythical Entertainment creations, including (but not limited to):

  • Ear Biscuits (full episodes)
  • Good Mythical Crew
  • Ten Feet Tall ft. Mike & Alex
  • THE JOHNNIFER ft. John & Jen
  • Gritty in Pink with Lizzie & Ellie
  • Power Tool Cooking School

The Hey Hey Show- - "Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is The Hey Hey Show." - Albert Einstein

Buenos Y Míticos Días - - a little taste of GMM for mythical beasts of the Spanish persuasion.

The R&L Mythical Store - - go here now to buy the good stuff. 

R&L on iTunes - - all of their best music and albums available for purchase.

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