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I finished chapter one! Finally...

Some of you that were in the chat when I was probably remember me going on about writing more that I would eurobeat, eheh. After a month and a half of planning an plugging along, I have a full first chapter written and most of the rest of the story planned out. One of the things I didn't really mention, though...is that it's a youtuber fanfic. Now, first things first, there's no shipping going on between any of the characters, youtuber or otherwise. I don't ship youtubers, and I have been…


Added by Stormy (Eurobeat Kirin) on February 17, 2016 at 7:45am — No Comments

Transcription reflection

It was only eight days ago that I made that Reddit post? Wow. It's not that it felt like longer, but those were an intense eight days for me. Finally taking the leap and joining the Komm and getting familiarized here, meeting and talking to y'all, diving into the transcription project... If I weren't such a stubborn beast, I'd say it was kind of overwhelming and I should have settled down some before getting into such a big project. I was planning and structuring how the…


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Ear Biscuits Transcription Project

Hello, and welcome! As the title says, this is one of the centers for compiling transcripts of the podcast Ear Biscuits. After realizing that having transcripts helped me a lot in listening to a different podcast, it came to mind that it might help out at least some Mythical Beasts to have transcripts of Ear Biscuits.

Season 1…


Added by Stormy (Eurobeat Kirin) on December 9, 2015 at 9:30am — 33 Comments

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