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It was only eight days ago that I made that Reddit post? Wow. It's not that it felt like longer, but those were an intense eight days for me. Finally taking the leap and joining the Komm and getting familiarized here, meeting and talking to y'all, diving into the transcription project... If I weren't such a stubborn beast, I'd say it was kind of overwhelming and I should have settled down some before getting into such a big project. I was planning and structuring how the list post would go up, and how I might be able to make everything come together once the transcripts were done, but I really needed to have planned how I was going to go about the actual transcription. I mean, Morgan and I sussed out the formatting through trial and error, exchanging ideas, and gathering input from others in the Komm, but I was constantly fluctuating between not worrying about it and over-stressing about it. I feel like I could have saved myself (and anyone that saw me like that) a lot of trouble by setting a reasonable daily time goal instead of the vague checkpoints I was going along with.

I know what it seems like, like I just decided to do this on the fly, like, two days before going on Reddit about it. That's not the case, though. I'd been sitting on the idea since the middle of October, and had even stated transcribing one of the few episodes I had been able to listen to over the summer. (I kinda need transcripts in order to not sorta...phase out after about ten or fifteen minutes, even though I'm interested and attentive.) It had gone incredibly well at that time, probably for a number of reasons that didn't apply to Episode 2 when I started on it. Basically, though, life, technical issues, and general nervousness about proposing the idea lead to almost no progress being made until I decided to buck up and ask Reddit.

Looking over the piece of the episode I started back then (42, as y'all have probably guessed), I'm starting to think I may have just psyched myself out too much once I presented the idea and started going through with it. It also didn't help that I knew from the get-go that I'd be losing internet access for a while after today. I'm definitely going to be working on transcripts while I'm gone, and I've learned from my mistake. I'm looking forward to contributing to the project and helping out anyone that would benefit from these transcripts, even in the slightest. Stay mythical, y'all :3

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