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Just saw a drink that seems to be a copy of Clearly Canadian. It's called Clear American and has a similar logo...

Just saw a drink that seems to be a copy of Clearly Canadian. It's called Clear American and has a similar logo...


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Join My Group

Join my group today just go to Groups on the second row and click on it.

Next,Look for my group: the recycling group and join!

Check this page (the recycling group) everyday for daily meetings



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Will it Candy?

Rhett and Link try sweet foods and ask each other if the food can be made into a best selling candy! My idea for a will it---.

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My cat acts like a dog.

She's only around 9 months and she plays fetch, comes when called, follows, shakes, stands up, plays dead, goes in a circle, rolls over, and trying more.

She loves going for rides in the car or her stroller for walks.

She's just so different then my first cat I had.

Gracie's Tricks…


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Fortiune Cookie Gif

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Inspiration with Swords

 I first want to say that I am new to the Mythical Kommunity.  So I don't know if a blog is the best way to share this but here goes. I wanted to share a bit about Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA) and how it is helping me.  I think that historical study and sword play might be a interest to other mythical beasts out their.

  So a summery of what led to me finding out about HEMA. (I'm trying to keep this short) I found I had Multiple Sclerosis , I got to a point of being really…


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p.s. the winner of the funniest comment contest will be anounced on my next blog

p.s. the winner of the funniest comment contest will be anounced on my next blog


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My weird dream

I was in some house with Rhett & Link and they wanted me to look after their kids so I did. I was making drinks for them before they went to bed and they all went off to bed and I went with Lily (Link's daughter) to bed because I was gonna be sleeping in the same room. For some reason I started to pour some of her juice onto her feet free she had got into bed and she said “why are you doing that” and I said “because my mum used to do it to me when I was little” but of course in real life… Continue

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preparing for a test

HELLO FELLOW MYTHICAL BEASTS! Okay, so today i had to take a final exam on history,now i know what you'r thinking,'wow shane, you must have been nervous', well i was actually not because i followed these tips on preparing for a test.


This is probably the most important tip, you can do this by reading past assignments or reading a text book, or ask your teacher to print you a study guide

2. Get good sleep

waking up bright eyed and…


Added by MR.Awesome Mythical Beast on May 26, 2015 at 5:03pm — 3 Comments

Southern California Mythicon

Hello Southern California beasts! If you're attending the Southern California mythicon, email me at latimersadie@yahoo.com. I would love to have a host partner, so if you're up for that task, let me know! If you're attending, make sure you spread the word on instagram, Facebook, tumblr, etc.

Added by Sadie (Abada Bell) on May 26, 2015 at 1:37pm — 1 Comment


My favorite is pizza. What is your favorite food

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The Most Interesting Day Evaaaaa!! :-)

Now, let's see how my second blog post goes. My sister's graduation party is tomorrow so I will tell you guys about that when it comes. So yesterday at school was the most interesting day ever. After my recess hour comes physical education and after that is study hall. So recess was outside on the jungle gyms and so was physical education. In study hall we have a choice of going outside or doing  your homework and I chose to go outside. So I was outside for nearly 2 hours straight. Today is…


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Dog Sitting

My sister and her family are out camping for the weekend and we're dog-sitting.  She couldn't sleep until she climbed into bed with me while watching GMM

Added by Paul Clark (Blue Tigerphant) on May 24, 2015 at 12:25am — 1 Comment


Okay, I really want to be that blogger that everyone waits for everyday to put a new post up. It's probably not going to happen, but let's give it a try. First off, let's get something straight. I'm just 6th grade girl trying to survive middle school. My life might not be that exciting, but it's......interesting. I will give you a short insight on my personal life and then do daily blogs (maybe once every 2 days depending on how interesting my day is) from there on out.

I have 3…


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Summer Vacation (June Holidays)

YESSS! Looking forward for the holidays. I have 4 more days of school (minus the Friday for PTM) then BAM! Holidays! Going overseas to Malaysia Legoland and gonna keep watching Rhett and Link all morning, even though sometimes I have to watch in the afternoon cause of diff time zone but who cares? SUMMER!

Added by Auni Adilah Binte Zahrain on May 23, 2015 at 11:43am — No Comments

The Flash

I just saw the season finale of The Flash...it was mythically epic! But what I don't understand is why didn't it create a paradox if you kill your ancestor you wouldn't exist and neither would the reality you've created.  It's part of that "my own grandpa" scenario from Futurama.

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Mini Rhettandlink


Added by Helen Cheng on May 21, 2015 at 6:40am — 1 Comment

Anyone play Clash of Clans??

Brand new Clan in the building stage! Welcom to MythicalxBeasts the Clan for all Mythical Beasts! I am building an international Clan for War and Farming in mind.

All are welcome as long as you meet the standard requirements.

--Level 40+*

--Prefer ages 16+*

--Required trophies-600+

--Must be a serious/active player

--Must be willing to donate 500+ per season

--ABSOLUTELY no rushed bases

*Some exceptions MAY be made

-Clan Rules-

--All promotions will…


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