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Strange and wonderful things are afoot at the TOUR OF MYTHICALITY

Tonight the Tour of Mythicality made it's way to Dallas.

My fellow K-Mods, who must wait for their town to have its turn, asked that I share some pics and videos. Without giving away all the secrets, of course.

It was a good show.

And then this happened:

After driving down to THE MAJESTIC THEATRE and picking up our tickets and VIP badges at the "will call" window, Mrs. Gumbo and I step into the line waiting for the auditorium doors to open. A very short line, actually, since most folks who showed up more than an hour before showtime already have tickets in hand and are lined up outside the front doors, down the sidewalk and around the corners in both directions. There is only one other couple standing in the lobby, as the main doors are going to open in a couple of minutes so the usher says we can just wait inside.

We strike up a brief conversation, introduce ourselves, etc. Turns out that Josh and Kat are even bigger fans than one can imagine, and with good reason. According to Kat, when they met a couple years back in the tiny Texas town where they both live, Good Mythical Morning and all things Rhett & Link were the common interest that first brought them together. Flash forward and here they are together going to the show and sharing their fandom.

The doors open and we step inside the theater, look around a bit, locate our seats, and guess who has the two spots one row right in front of ours?  YUP! Josh and Kat. We chat a bit more while waiting for the show to start. We all listen to the prelude music tracks and watch the photos showing on the big screen center stage, commenting to each other about certain inside jokes only a true MB would understand. Then the lights go out, the music changes to a voice-over introduction, and the show is on for real. And it is really good too, take my word for it. 

When the last song had been sung (a new tune written specifically for the TOUR) and the cheering crowd has a moment to catch it's breath, the announcer announces that, following a brief intermission, Rhett and Link will return to the stage for the scheduled Q&A session.

That's when I notice that the seat in front of mine is empty. That's because Josh has left his seat and taken a knee in the aisle, is digging in his pocket for something round and shiny, and Kat is trying desperately, although not very successfully, to not totally freak out . . . I grab the phone from my pocket, flip to video mode, and capture just the very end of this moment . . . reference video above.

Since the theater lights are back up by now many in the crowd are catching on to what is happening in Orchestra Section, Center, Row F, Seats 1 & 2 . . .


to Josh and Kat (soon to be) Williams

Oh yeah, here's those pics and video clips as promised.

Some venue pics courtesy of Viki.

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Comment by Gumbo123 on November 13, 2017 at 1:50pm

and then there was this . . .

GMM #1217 (S12 E57.4) Attracting An Alpaca With An Accordion | Nowhere Else

Comment by Gumbo123 on October 26, 2017 at 4:05pm

Hey all - - - say hello and give congratulations to Kat (soon to be Williams) of the Tour of Mythicality Dallas marriage proposal highlighted here - - - she's a long time mythical beast but brand new to the Kommunity.

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