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Okay, I really want to be that blogger that everyone waits for everyday to put a new post up. It's probably not going to happen, but let's give it a try. First off, let's get something straight. I'm just 6th grade girl trying to survive middle school. My life might not be that exciting, but it's......interesting. I will give you a short insight on my personal life and then do daily blogs (maybe once every 2 days depending on how interesting my day is) from there on out.

I have 3 siblings that annoy me everyday and are so loud and obnoxious. Everyone says that about there siblings, but this is probably the most reliable one you can get. I am typing this on a Kindle Fire so if something's spelled wrong or I don't get a blog up on time blame my kindle. I don't know what blog means on this website so if this is not what the blog section is for than tell me on my page. I'm going to leave it there and hopefully get a response about this blog section before tomorrow.

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