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I am not really a gamer.

I am a game watcher. Yes, I have played through several games, and actively play an MMO, but I do not find that I fit under the gamer tag. This is because I enjoy watching other people play. The story is unfolding around them and they are totally immersed in it, with literally everything at stake in its outcome. Even the simplest of plots are magnified when the audience has the control over its fate, and they are enthralled by it. “Go save the princess” you tell a gamer, and he will risk life and limb to save the damsel in distress. “Go save the universe” has the exact same effect.

Movies need to learn this lesson that games have to have pre-programmed into them: an invested audience is a captive one. While games do this by having the player determine the fate of the plot, movies can only do this by evoking strong memories and feelings. A perfect example is Pixar’s “UP”, where it outlines the life of a man from his childhood to becoming elderly in a simplistic fashion. Every single person in the audience could relate to some part, if not all, of the man’s life. That creates an emotional attachment by the audience. Another good example is “Kick-Ass” where there is a scene that relates a father’s devotion to his daughter in his dying moments. Every person has some sort of way of relating to that scene, even if indirectly.

Games have this kind of thing nailed down. I watch people play, and they can range from elated to furious on a matter of minutes – all because of the game. Movies need to pick up on this and figure out to make the audience invest themselves life and limb to the cause of the movie.

Or at least braving the popcorn line.

Your comments are welcome.

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Comment by Cee ( The Platysombat) on December 19, 2010 at 3:28am

Scary thought.  You really dont want people trying to emulate movies.  Its O.k. when the movies are positive, encouraging, adventurous,( safe, Good connotations). But what if they chose all those movies with negative attributes.  Do you really want people to be so invested in a movie they copy it  like (Saw or Chainsaw massacre) or they copy stupid things that can get them killed.....Ewwhh Scary thought.

Oh a happier note I did see the movie Up and totally enjoyed it.  I also saw Australian live action movie similar called Danny Deckchair ( same principle) fed up with life so he fills helium balloons tie to a chair and escape (comedy ensues).

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