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“What the hell…” Ray gasped. Luckily, there was no explosion, but only a gigantic crater in the backyard. The fighter jet had to land several backyards away, due to it being a fighter jet. Ray went through the back and saw James and Remey staring in astonishment at the ship. “What happened?!” James shrieked. Ray grinned as he trotted up to him. “Why, my dear James, would an unearthly aircraft crash into our yard? Emphasis on unearthly?” James frowned. “Stop relating your conspiracies to all this! This is serious!”
“And I am being serious!”
“Then let’s have a closer look.” The three cautiously approached the crater. They dropped in and looked in where the control pit was. No bodies were found. “There’s nothing there.”
“Obviously!” Remey unexpectedly snapped. “There are no aliens or anything! Aliens aren’t real!” Ray frowned at the hearing of this. “Can we please just focus on the fact that there’s a freakin' huge aircraft in my grandmother’s backyard!?” Just after she said this a shift of rubble was heard. And another. And soon, two little blue beings popped out of the debris. “Tenkay ifnou tapou!” One shouted, holding some kind of a gun at them. A second being popped out of the rubble. “Ackday smiru tapou!” The three had no idea what to do, but soon, a crack was heard and one alien’s head exploded clean off. As the dead body fell to the ground, they saw an agent standing there, gun in hand. He turned to the second one, but the second one pointed its gun at the agent. To be honest, I, the narrator, had no idea what was happening at that time.

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