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“So, Mrs. Neilson,” James asked. “Oh, just call me Grandma Neilson.” The old lady insisted. “Yes, Grandma Neilson, do you have any food?” Grandma Neilson gestured to a small pantry. James opened up the door, and his eyes nearly burst out as he saw every snack he could ever want. Ray, on the other hand, was exploring the house. He opened the door to the staircase, and he wheezed at the smell of dust and cobwebs. There were four bedrooms, all perfectly clean. However, the bathroom had mold all over the walls and the sink was rusted up. He couldn’t bear to see what the shower looked like. And then, he came back to see Remey yelling at James, who had his face stuffed with a Nutella sandwich, and Grandma Neilson, watching the local news on the tiny old SD-TV. He sighed, and checked his phone for any news on the Area 51 attack. The headliner was: “Area 51 in Flames: Unknown Beings Attack Top-Secret Government Base.” He anxiously read through the article, and the first part was: “What was it that destroyed Area 51? As many think it’s a terrorist attack, there is no question that the attack was from the other beings of the galaxy—aliens.” Ray dashed over to James and held the phone to his face. “See! I told you!” He exclaimed as James turned his attention to him. “Does it say ‘officially confirmed?’ No.” He turned back to Remey and continued arguing. Ray wanted to be right—he wanted something new in his life. Even though his life just made a major change coming from Sussex to Nevada, he wanted something that wasn’t just a big adjustment, but an adventure. Something exciting, not stressful. He went out to the porch of the run-down house and chucked a rock out to the driveway. He would’ve heard the rock bounce around on the cement, but instead, Ray Macintosh heard what seemed like car engine, except about nine thousand times louder. He covered his ears and looked up, to see a giant, round, red aircraft whoosh by overhead. It was trailing smoke, and behind the aircraft he saw a fighter jet. Ray saw a missile come out of the fighter jet and fly into the other aircraft, and with a huge boom the aircraft went up in flames and plummeted straight down—into the backyard of the house.

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