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Since it will take me a while to piece together what was happening, I’ll tell the short story of the Paper Shredder of Arthuria. Arthuria was a distant planet several galaxies away, and it was known for its absolute weirdness. What were the beings that resided there? Why, they were a bunch of arcade cabinets. Who did those arcade cabinets eat? They ate salad. Why salad? Because it was Arthuria. Anyways, one day in that insane planet, there lived a little penguin. He was known as the greatest wizard in the galaxy. One day, a fellow arcade cabinet visited his wizard shop. “Whaddya have?” The cabinet asked. “Magic.” The penguin responded. “What kind?”
“Oh, all kinds. Food magic, fire magic, water magic…”
“I want some food magic.”
“What do you need?”
“I need something for free ministroni.”
“Then buy this.” The penguin became annoyed with the cabinet and turned him into a paper shredder. I’m really not sure about that story.

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