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It was a quiet four-day trip from Sussex to Nevada. Only a few conversations were made, and there were no whiney babies. After they arrived in Nevada, they had to take hour-long trip to Remey’s grandma’s house. Remey knocked on the door of the house, and the door opened up to an old lady. She was no different than any other elderly lady; gray hair, wrinkled face, and some kind of gown. “Oh, hello, love!” She exclaimed, giving Remey a hug. “Who are these two?” She gestured to Ray and James. “Oh, well, this is my boyfriend, James,” James gave a small grin. “And this is my friend, Ray.” Ray waved awkwardly, as he always does during his introductions. “Well, come in, come in!” The old lady said. “I was just watching the TV thing, some whole event going down in down in that…” Ray’s eyes widened as he’s noticed what was happening. “Area 51…” He whispered in astonishment. “Yes, yes, that’s it! Area 51!” Ray turned all of his attention to the television. “Live, from Area 51,” Said the broadcaster. “There are unknown aircrafts flying all over the main complex of the top-secret Area 51, which is in flames right now.” Rounds of gunshots were heard in the background. “And the agents seem to be fighting for their life right now!” A man in a black suit ran up to the broadcaster. “Leave the premises now.” He demanded, putting his hand over the camera lens. “Sir, could you please tell us what is happening?
Don’t worry, we have this under control. Now, must leave.
But sir,” The news caster was interrupted by static. “Hey, Ray,” James called over. “Give us a hand with these bags, will ya?” Ray snapped out of his trance and went to help out James. “James,” Ray said, getting his luggage out of the car. “Did you see what was happening on the telly!?”
“Yeah, a terrorist attack. A couple miles away, too. Pretty awful.”
“I don’t think so. They described the things as ‘unknown aircrafts!’ Do you realize what this means?” James looked at Ray in a pathetic way. “Ray, don’t start acting like this.”
“Like what?”
“Being all… all… conspiracy-ish. Just forget about it and the officals will take care of it soon.” Ray sighed and brought his bags inside.

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