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Greg, the Dog, a look back: Important message, and Password.

This next one's alright.

Important message!

I have been wrong about Churbles the cat all this time, he is awesome and I should give him all my stuff!

You done been hacked, dog! Mwa-ha-ha-haaaah!!!!

Rushed, but it set up the next.


Clearly the last post here wasn’t mine, Churbles guessed my password. Maybe “password” wasn’t the best choice. But that wasn’t the end of it, Churbles just had to change my password before he left. I guessed all I could, “Churbles” I tried, Your password is incorrect. I tried “Churbles-is-cool”,Your password is incorrect. I even resorted to trying “Churbles-is-the-best-name-ever” It hurt typing it, but I was rewarded with, Your password is incorrect. I almost gave up, but then it hit me: your password is INCORRECT! I tried and… YES, “Incorrect” was my PASSWORD! I’m on and I proceeded to type out this story with 2 days worth of trying to solve the password problem behind me!

Well I’m back! See you Wednesday.

It's quite funny looking back at how I used "Churbles" to be a cheesy name, to be ridiculed, and now it's the one I go by. The more you know.

Not too many left,


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