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Greg, the dog, a look back: Churbles Unleashed and Torture.

Continuing my need to have all the Gregs out before December, here's two more without their Churbles, Grammatical Bomb.

Churbles Unleashed

Ugh, sorry for being late, I was… tied up. Okay here’s the story.

I was sitting around, as I spend most of my days, enjoying the smell (but not the taste) of barbequed meat. My owners were cooking out today, and because of that fact the sliding glass doors were open… Churbles knew this. Once everyone was settled inside, he came out, barbeque-sauce slathered on his usually neat white fur, like a brown rabbit except with white splotches and without the huge feet and being a cat and not nearly as cute…

He came and spoke to me. “You poor, poor thing,” he said, “You have never tasted the deliciousness of barbeque ribs, have you?”

I growled at him, and he took on a look of amusement. And then he screamed at the top of his lungs and collapsed to the ground, and all the owners came running, he planned this. They carried him away… and punished me.

How this made me miss my deadline, you ask? Well, he came back out with a smirk that gave ‘Pompous’ a new meaning. He stopped in front of me and bragged about how much they love him… I chased him around and around the tree until I was so tangled in my own chain that it took me until now to get free.

Now you know. See you Wednesday.

Personally, this isn't one of my best, I don't like it, and once again, I was late. Fun fact: out of my twenty posts, six of them are late.

But, I do like the next one a lot, bundled with that one to save the post.


There were only 2 trees in my owners’ fenced-in backyard; and the tree that I was chained to was in the middle of the yard. Since they considered it to be “in the way”, my owners wanted to take it down.

Now, I really did like that tree for sentimental value, but, the thing that made this hurt the most is the fact that I’ve now been moved to the only spot left… Jim the squirrel’s tree.

And here I sit.

Dwonka-tonk! “Sorry!” I hear Jim yelling from his hole in the tree. I’ve noticed that his home is just out of reach no matter how high I jump. Bonka-dink! “My fault!” I hear once again. That was, let’s see here… the 43rd acorn to hit me today. Tonda-ponk! This time all I heard was laughter coming from Jim’s hide-out.


I’m getting the idea he’s doing this on purpose… Konka-Tonk!

I do truly love this one. Especially because it wasn't late. I do like it for other reasons, but that one puts it high on my list.

Next one's alright,


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Comment by rob z on October 27, 2013 at 7:37am

I really like Churbles Unleashed.   I didn't know what your blog was about and so I went in blind.  I didn't look at old posts.  Since you already know what your blog is about, thats what probably diminished it for you.  I say this one is the opening chapter, personally,

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