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Greg, the dog, a look back: Freedom at last! & Fake freedom.

I feel like I really need to tell you people what's coming, but it may or may not happen. I might just get your hopes up. So don't get your hopes up about my telling you either.

Here's the thing.

Freedom at last!

Just yesterday, I was given a new, high-tech collar, everybody seems to like it, but that’s not the best part. I was also set free from my chain!!! I’ve been running circles around the yard, just because I can! And this exploration of my new abilities is why I’ve been late in making a new post. This new-found freedom will be simply great! I wonder why I’ve been set free… 

Well, in highly unrelated news: My owners have also stuck some flags all around the yard, they all say "Invisible fence", I guess they’re celebrating some festivities, even Churbles is shooting my a look of great pleasure through the window.

Well, I hope your happy for me, this next week will provide plenty of great stories! See you Wednesday!

Lots of you will know what's coming. I thought about leaving it like that, but what fun would that be?

Fake Freedom

You’ll never guess what those flags marked.

Directly after I made my post last week, one of my owners stepped out into the yard. He grabbed me by the collar and pulled me toward the perimeter of flags. It wasn’t too bad at first, but then my collar beeped andZAP!!! I was given an electric shock! And after that, he pulled me past many different parts of the apparent boundaries, ZAP ZAP, ZAPPITY, ZAPPITY-ZAP-ZAP!!!!!!!!

Those flags are evil.

Though, I noticed that both Jim the squirrel and Churbles the cat were staring at me with great looks of pleasure. I guess this is what "Invisible Fence" means.

I hope your week has been a whole lot better than mine.

Those flags are evil.

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