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Greg, the Dog, a look back: Glorious Hope (Part 1)

In case you can't tell, I was late a lot. You have to keep in mind, I was 12-13 when these were made. Heck, I'm 15 now and I'm still late on posts. But as has been said: Nobody will care whether you have a schedule or not if nobody cares about your posts in the first place.
Glorious hope!

Yes, I’m late. But this might satisfy you, as well as some problem-solving ideas at the end.

The day was Tuesday (Which one? I don’t know), and you could really tell how much colder it was getting. Jim the squirrel was pacing back and forth on the lowest limb on his tree, very obviously distressed, sighing at intolerable levels. It was pretty obvious he wanted my attention, the question was, for what purpose?

I finally caved, being completely and utterly perturbed. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He sighed once more and replied, “My dad was a ground squirrel and my mom was a tree squirrel, so I could either follow the ground squirrel in me and hibernate or go with my mom and not. That, dog, is my problem.” And he descended from the tree to converse.

Could it be true?! Jim might hibernate?! Just the thought gave me goosebumps! If I worded this well, I might come away with a Jim free winter! “Well,” I said, thinking carefully, “I see you in that tree all the time, I think your mom might be proud to see you following in her footsteps for the majority of the year. But think about dear ol’ dad looking down and seeing no hint of his influence on your life… How sad.” I shook my head slowly. He seemed to ponder this notion, then he replied, “Well, he did always tease about my Tree-squirrelyness.”

I got him on the hook, now just a little more. 

"I don’t know, though. I don’t think I could really sleep for that long." No! I  replied hastily, “Well, you might just feel so refreshed, you’ll be able to do who- knows-what to me all summer long!” Sadly… that was true.

"Y'know," obviously interested in the idea I planted, he continued, "that sleep is sounding pretty… relaxing." Hook, line and sinker!

I smiled and said, “Good. well, if you need anything, I’ll be over there.” Yes! A winter without Jim would be like going on the vacation I could never go on! And all I have to do is sit right- “Greg!” I heard Jim yell, interrupting my daydream.

Yes, Jim?" I replied, holding onto the hope that he’ll still hibernate. "You’ll need to help me find some replacement nuts, for the ones you stole!"

Ah, gulp.

Y'know, that is how squirrels work. OH! I almost forgot: Being posted November 18th 2012 (around 6 months after the first), this is the second to last one I ever made. The last one (posted Dec. 4, 2012) is the continuation of this one, made over two years ago. Oh, the nostalgia.

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