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Greg, the Dog, a look back: Glorious Hope (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the last episode; if you haven't read it, do so now. 
This is also the last one I wrote, and therefore the last look back (though I might make a post or two more on the subject of Greg). Sad, I know. I started this with the thought I might pick back up, but (sadly) I don't see that happening. Feel free to write your own Greg story and send it to me, I'd like that. Anyway, here goes.
Glorious hope! (continued)

This is a continuation of the last episode. So, if you haven’t read it: do so now.

This is exciting! Jim’s going to hibernate! That’s at least one third of my troubles! But now, of course, I have to  figure out how to find and carry nuts to Jim’s tree.

At first I was trying to paw at them, hoping they would move, but with their oblong shape and the unkempt lawn being… unkempt, you could never get them to go where you wanted. Then I tried carrying them in my mouth, this worked, but, it took forever, for it’s just as hard to pick them up.

Oh, what will work? Then, I found out: Team work! This came into action when Jim started to gather the nuts in other yards, He would throw them over the fence and I would catch them in my mouth and carry them to his tree.

We did this for hours, and when we finally finished Jim came up to me with a puzzling look on his face, puzzling for me, and he said, “Y’know, I liked working with you. I think I forgot how much I liked messing with you. No hibernation.”


I cried for hours.

This isn't one of my favorites, though that ending is great. And the use of unkempt, impressive for a 13 year old, right. Well for that matter, the whole thing's impressive for a 12/13 year old. 

Lots of memories through these. Glad I did this. Goodbye for now.

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