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Hey there, you peoples. It's been a while. Why? I don't know... Onto the subject matter!

Now, before I get too deep in my complaints: I do not mind rules like letter combinations, or silent E (much), it's just that I want a language in which you pronounce things right the first time.

Now, my complaint this time around is how vowels are each other too often. In Phonics part 2, I mentioned double O (blood and coop, both having different letters that make those different sounds made by the same letters, U and OU), but the rest bleed into the others as well. By the way, I'm not really in the mood to go full in deep, but I feel I've said enough to be lazy with the rest.

(This list hasn't had much intensive care put in it, and numbers mean nothing)

1, Brain, reign, kale, valet, all have the same A (or Ei) sound.

2, Rune, soon, both share a Oo (or U) sound.

3, Bye, guy, high, all have the same I (or Y) sound, "guy" irks me most.

4, Mop, mall, maul, all share the... O sound? A sound? This is what I'm talking about.

I'm stopping it there,


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