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Shanelka Barboan(ChenaLeo)
  • Female
  • Durant, OK
  • United States
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Information about the wild ChenaLeo:

My Clock that is currently hanging up on Rhett and Link's board!!

You can see it in GMM!!! :D



Allo, My name is Shanelka! (Shuh-nel-kuh) It is pronouced how it is spelled..

I live on my own at the age of 20, which I've recently turned.(July 24th)

I am the type of person to just forgive and forget.

I have the memory of grass..

I never hate anyone unless they give me a reason to.

I get along with everyone.

I'd say I'm a weirdy, but hey. Who isn't?

I act like a little kid most of the time.

I laugh at literally everything.

I'm not great in group coversations, or.. I am. Depending who the group is.

I am a little conceited.. I mean.. Daaaang LOOK at that profile pic!!

I am an only child, so I entertain and laugh at myself.



I have a youtube channel. Have some funny vlogs! Check it out!


I have a Twitter!



Shanelka Barboan(ChenaLeo)'s Blog

Bedtime story!

Posted on February 29, 2012 at 3:21pm 2 Comments

"Okay Rhett, lay your little head down it's time for a bed time story. Once upon a time, there was a Little boy named Rhett.."


"..and he wanted to be a engineer when he grew up.."

 "That's me."

 "..So he went out in his…


To be or not to be a Mythical Beast!!

Posted on January 13, 2012 at 4:56am 0 Comments

For awhile there I thought I wasn't a big fan of R&L like I used to be..

'Cause before.. I would be on SOMETHING R&L on the computer. I would be on Youtube watching R&L vids or on the Kommunity talking to my MB friends and answering questions, commenting on photos, uploading photos.

Then I sloooooowly started to not come on the Komm as often, not watching R&L vids as often..

I looked at my R&L button I had on my wallet.. pretty much the only thing…


My Mythical Shoes!

Posted on July 22, 2011 at 4:30am 0 Comments



It is 3:23 am right now as I am typing.

3:24 now.















I mean you have NO idea.. or maybe those of you who waited for their shoes probably know how I am feeling right now.


On July 11, 2011.

I, Shanelka Barboan, ordered the mythical shoes 1 something in the morning.

It took…


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At 2:23pm on April 11, 2013,

Curious minds want to know!

I was looking up some info about a baby name for a friend and landed on the website http://www.thinkbabynames.com. Then, out of curiosity, I just started looking around and found the name SHANIQUA 

sh(a)-ni-qua \ as a girl's name is a variant of Sha- (American) and Shan (English). See Sha- and Shan for more on meaning of Shaniqua. The baby name Shaniqua sounds like Shanique, Sheniqua and Shanequa. Other similar baby names are Shanita, Shanika and Shania.


Apparently, the name has no "true" meaning as it is made up thru modern culture and not based on a real root word in any language . . . although it became somewhat popular for a very short time in the 1990's . . .


Popularity of name Shaniqua


WHICH OF COURSE GOT ME TO THINKING . . . what is the root and meaning of your name in the Choctaw language?  THANKS

At 2:22am on March 1, 2013, Lucas (I'm Brony and I'm Proud) said…

GMM fellow Mythical Beast & welcome to one of the best places to be on the Internet.  I hope you enjoy your stay & feel free to feast on the many fruits that the Kommunity has to offer.

I also hereby acknowledge your Mythical Mustache  & recite the Kommunity Mythical Anthem "My Hair Song(#Does your hair go up? Does your hair go down?#) in celebration of your arrival.

Don't forget about "Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time" & remember to "Rub Some Bacon On It".

Have fun and take care!!! :)

At 12:43am on October 6, 2012, Marsha L (MythiCaNerdian) said…

Your 1 min vlogs are great! Very funny! Come on CHAT!

At 1:35am on September 27, 2012, Marsha L (MythiCaNerdian) said…

Yes, I'm doing well. Hope we can be on the komm at the same time one of these days. Later, M

At 7:11pm on April 10, 2012, Marsha L (MythiCaNerdian) said…

Hey!! We haven't chatted in forever!! How are things?! Hope to hear from you soon.



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