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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of the "React" series by Benny and Rafi Fine (TheFineBros). They've made YouTubers react, Elders React, Teens React and Kids React. Most React episodes go well over one million views.

So my idea was...

Let's get TheFineBros to do a "(Blank) React to Rhett and Link" not only would this be very entertaining for us Mythical Beasts, it would also be a great way to promote Rhett and Link's channel, as well as TheFineBros channel.

The Fine Bros have 5,000,000+ subscribers and the most popular react got 25,000,000+ views. So even if other people reacting to it doesn't get as many views, it's still a great way to promote.

Personally I think that we should try and make it our goal to have Elders or Teens react to Rhett and Link, considering Kids have already reacted to Chuck Testa and I don't think having YouTubers react to other YouTubers is such a good idea.

So let's comment on react videos, telling the fine bros "React to Rhett and Link!"

The amount of views on the first GMM should be higher than usual if we succed.

SO help me out! Let's comment on some React videos!

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New reacts were posted all throughout the week! Including Teens and Elders, let's go for it!

Good idea, it would promote them and well, let's be honest, we'd prolly be laughing our heads off, I suggest Elders react to Rusty and Larnold. ;)

Oh, that's a good one. One of the questions could be "Do you think those were really older people, or just younger people dressed up like older people?"

Good idea ! I wrote to comment something like that.... Bu i wrote Teens react to epic rap battle of manliness... :D

We should just go crazy posting comments and tweeting and facebook posting on a specific day to make the impact. This won't be easy, considering some of us don't have those social networks, including myself.

They have an Instagram! We could post comments on their most recent pictures also!
I would say Teens react would be good. But maybe Elders, would like it too. It's hard to know.

KIDS REACT to RHETT AND LINK is HAPPENING!!!! Look for it tomorrow! Here's the Tweet to prove it! :)

Yes finally! Thank you Erin for the update. 

Brilliant! :D


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