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With the end of Season 11 and retirement of the

Key Ring of Mythicality (KRoM) 

the song has been updated and we may be seeing

mail items shared on a more irregular basis.

Here's a new list of highlighted mail items.

  Rhett & Link

PO Box 6578

Burbank, CA 91510

Season 12 Episode 9 (GMMore #1169) Ellie Tries Rhett & Link's Spiciest Snack
- - autographed WALKING DEAD graphic novel inked by her dad ~ http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Stefano_Gaudiano - - from Sabrina Gaudiano / Sekui, WA [pronounced "CQ"]

Season 12 Episode 20 (GMMore #1180) Would You Rather with the Crew
- - new GMM logo carved in traditional Korean Ingam seal format - - from Gaia [pronounced Gaia . . . no, wait, Gay-ah], originally from Oregon USA but now living in Seoul, South Korea

Season 12 Episode 26 (GMMore #1186) Harry Potter Butterbeer Bomb

- - RandLer patchwork pillows - - from Aunt Jessica & Niece Natalie, Lubbock, TX

Season 13 Episode #14 (GMMore #1261) Chicken Cocktail Taste Test

- - story of the CHIMLEMPENGUIDOG by an "ugly breader" - - from Lorenzo, ???

- - drawing of Rhett in a '70s funk band & doll of Rhett to be used for whatever - - from Elliott Glasser, Hendersonville, TN

Season 13 Episode #19 (GMMore #1266) Playing Pass The Popcorn

- - leather-bound covered version of Ye Olde Book of Mythicality - - from Marilla & Makayla Beecher, Thirsk, Yorkshire, UK

Season 13 Episode #29 (GMMore #1276) Ranking Girl Scout Cookies

- - RiRi montage image shirt, couldn't resist getting it for Rhett - - from Laurie, ???

Season 13 Episode #44 (GMMore #1291) Swiss Mystery Box | Mystery Mail

- - custom artwork of 13 GMM catchphrases - - from Abigail Hobker, Highland, IL

- - assortment of traditional Swiss snacks - - from Florian, Berne, Switzerland

Season 13 Episode #54 (GMMore #1301) Slurpee Tater Tots Taste Test

- - Link hair extension & Rhett hair award - - from "Issy", Alberta, Canada

- - GMM logo carved wooden wall art - - Trevor Rule, Portland, OR

Season 13 Episode #69 (GMMore #1316) Kool-Aid Pickles Taste Test

- - customized DINK IT & SINK IT forks with GMM logo for Damnyell & Link to eat their blue Koolickles - - from Kyla, New Jersey, USA

Season 14 Episode #2 (GMMore #1361) Strongest Coffee in the World TASTE TEST

- - vintage-looking book titled "The New Hotdog Cookbook" (ca.1968)- - from the Wilberg family, Germantown, MD

Season 14 Episode #20 (GMMore #1389) RAW Egg Soda Taste Test
- - paperback book titled "Eighteen Ways To Eat A Pizza" (by Peter Hood, inventor of the sport of badminton) - - from Mr. R. Hood [author's father]

Season 14 Episode #81 (GMMore #1440) Crazy Cereal Combos Taste Test

 - - Merry X-Mas From The Chambers ~ A Whale Is Gonna Die Ornament


Season 15 Episode #41 (GMMore #1495) Dessert Noodles Taste Test

- - page folding art of GMM logo w/ cockatrice book cover - - from Holly Smith

Season 15 Episode #59 (GMMore #1513) Discontinued Addams Family Cereal Taste Test
- - R&L Bingle Dolls ~ Francesca Nichols, Sacramento, CA

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Replies to This Discussion

How many times must they change the mail song before they are satisfied?!

Hopefully this doesn't mean they've ditched a themed mail project this season.

So, with 3 weeks and 15 episodes into Season 12 and only ONE (1) mailbag share on GMM.

I guess that's why the change from Thursdays Mean Mail to the less restrictive Mail Time Means Mail so they aren't tied down to a schedule. No promises for when or even if the next sharing will occur. 

It's now just WHENEVER.

The book is a very precious gift!

UPDATE:  Season 12 thus far 55 Episodes with only 3 mail sessions.

Following an 18-week / 75-episode hiatus and now we get two Thursday Means Mail segments in a row. 
What's up with that?

My theory is that it's in response to the crew-only mail videos they started on Facebook and Instagram a couple weeks ago (https://twitter.com/rhettandlink/status/953731850249236482). I saw a lot of responses from MBs saying that they didn't want to watch only crew members open mail; they wanted to see Rhett and Link interact with the mail. So I think they decided to start re-incorporating the mail segment into GMMore. Just a theory, though.

Thanks because, yeah, if you hadn't posted this I would never have known that there was at least a recent attempt to "appease the masses" that has apparently failed. Gumbo don't twit.

If not continuing in the vein of a themed mail project like GMM has usually done, I wish they would just go back to posting infrequent but long-form mail videos. Seeing the guys go through a big glut of mail and make snide comments was always fun. These days they couldn't go through all the mail, but I would at least hope they see all the notable pieces at some point anyway, so just filming that would be enough.

another mail day after extended drought

Today's GMMore included the first _____day Means Mail installment since April 12, 2018 (131 days)

A relatively calm mail encounter compared to the last time, which was also the first time we met Richard & Damnyell ("like Daniel with an M") .  

I LOVED the guitar and dramatic reading from the NEW HOTDOG COOKBOOK. Such a nice giggle for the day!

Today's mail item brought to you courtesy of the father of the inventor of badminton 


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