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SEASON 10 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

items in RED are viewer mail highlighted in the episode but

did not constitute a keychain added to the KRoM

Episode 4 (GMMore #950) Testing The GoGirl (Portable Female Pee Device)

- - cattle ear tag w/ birthday in angle branding code (from Maddie / South Carolina, USA)

Episode 9 (GMMore #955) Alex and Mike Teach How To Spin Pottery

- - fake finger for nail tech school practice (from Mythical Meghan / New Hampshire, USA)

New Hampshire Population

• Total 1,330,608 (2015 estimate) ~  ranked 41st in U.S.

• Density 147/sq mi (56.8/km2) ~ ranked 21st in U.S.

"Table 1. Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for the

United States, Regions, States, and Puerto Rico:

April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2015"

Episode 14 (GMMore #960) Naked Private Island

- - antique trolling lure for pike & lake trout at the getaway cabin on a private island near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada where the men never wear a shirt (from Heather Smith / New Hampshire, USA)

Episode 19 (GMMore #965) Ultimate Energy Smoothie Taste Test

- - lucky & mythical cross-country/weight-loss quarter on a keychain (Wesley/Kentucky, USA)

Episode 24 (GMMore #970) Sick Day Hacks

- - Yokosuka Japan train sign replica  (from Nicolette Jimenez / Washington State, USA)

Episode 29 (GMMore #975) Bottled Air Smell Test

- - widowed Barbie Doll shoe collection (from Sarah / Indiana, USA)

Episode 34 (GMMore #980) Our YouTube Diamond Play Button!

- - Who's Anatomically Correct? second place contestant keychain (from Linda / University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (TX) School of Medicine)

Episode 39 (GMMore #985) Making Fart Noises

- - elderly woman's tooth-colored gold crown [boiled for safety] (from Terry / Tuscon, AZ)

Episode 44 (GMMore #990) How To Build A Pancake Dog House

- - hillbilly keychain containing the ultimate power of 2 mythical beasts (from best friends Laurel & Nicole / in a ditch on the side of the road (not really) in Maryland, USA)

Episode 49 (GMMore #995) Say Sorry With Pudding?

- - felted TOKYO and R&L Mythical Cats (from Claudia, Hillie & Aya / Solon & Pepper Pike, OH)

Episode 54 (GMMore #1000) Mythical Crew 1000th Episode Party

- - NO MAIL OPENED TODAY - - too busy with the celebration!

Episode 59 (GMMore #1005) Guess That Sound (GAME) 

- - Tony Rigatoni pasta doll leg warmers [slightly damaged in shipping] (from Alice, Mary & Zoe / North Cackalacka near Buies Creek)

Episode 64 (GMMore #1010) Crazy Popcorn Taste Test

- - Batman & Robin Halloween costume picture keychain w/ Link the Yorkie Puppy (from Meagan C. / Arizona, USA)

Episode 69 (GMMore #1015) What's The Pitch Of Your Voice? (EXPERIMENT)

- - oyster shucking knife from Canadian Museum of Nature cafe (from Danielle & Will / Ottawa, Canada)Episode 74 (GMMore #1020) Announcing 360 Mythical Mail Museum

- - carved composite (6 wood) keychain (from Davis The Laminator / whereabouts unknown)

Episode 79 (GMMore #1025) Middle Seat Experiment

- - face painted on a rock as part of a HUUUUUGE "spot the art" project spread around the city (from Isaac [age 18], Grace [16], Elijah [10], Evie [6], Maggie [5] and Dad [old] ~ The Zens Family ~ Michigan, USA)

Episode 84 (GMMore #1030) Thanksgiving Smoothie Challenge

- - his first Food Lion name tag (from James Bennett / Lillington, NC)

Episode 89 (GMMore #1035) Tree Decorating Face Off

- - 36-year calendar keychain from India and part of her keychain collection (from Tanya Lynn Smith / ???)

Episode 94 (GMMore #1040) Thanksgiving Smoothie Challenge

- - good luck Swiss 5 Rappen coin [approx. value 5¢ U.S.] (from Florian, the 2nd best youngster chef who cooked for the Queen in London but has horrible penmanship / Switzerland)

Episode 99 (GMMore #1045) Snack Jack Black

- - actual keys from first car passed down from Grandfather that was "totaled" by a cow (from Jack & Jimmy Valentino / ??? )

Episode 104 (GMMore #1050) DIY Origami Christmas Ornaments

 - - 1-yr jarfull of artist pencil shavings in a Christmas Ornament (from Rachael Merriman / ???)

SEASON 11 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

Episode 4 (GMMore #1055) Playing with Pyro Mini Fireshooter 

 - - hand-knitted UNICORN RAP beanies & min-keychain (from Katie / New Zealand)

Episode 9 (GMMore #1060) Speed Fan Mail Test (x2 Fast)

 - - souvenir coin from 2014 Iditarod dog sled race (from Erin Ambrose / Alaska)

Episode 14 (GMMore #1065) Full Face Lipstick Challenge 

 - - hand-knitted GMM minisock (from Granny Rebecca / ???)

Episode 19 (GMMore #1070) Rhett & Link Dog Update

 - - assorted breakfast cereal favorites featuring Raisin Bran, Kix, Frosted Mini Wheats, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Grape Nuts, Cocoa Puffs & Froot Loops (from a stay-at-home Mom of four great kids [name / location not revealed])

Episode 24 (GMMore #1075) Cooking a Steak w/ a Blowtorch 

 - - Ancient Egypt-themed scarab key chain (from Steph Ihab (Flying Pandog) Cairo, Egypt)

Episode 29 (GMMore #1080) Mythical Crew Oscar Predictions

 - -  key ring w/ pic recording her one-and-only roller coaster ride with a Tom Brady look-alike ~ a middle school class trip momento (from Briana S. / Chambersburg, [PA/NJ?] )

Episode 34 (GMMore #1085) Testing Our Pain Tolerance

 - - Campbell University Camels key chain (from Annie B. / Buies Creek, NC)

Episode 39 (GMMore #1090) Hot Knife Sandwich Challenge

 - -  assortment of favorite miniature items collected over the years, each one representing something from the GMM series (from college student / mythical beast / musician / artist & Kommunity member Praise Sharp (BanjopickinSiren) / Crawfordsville, IN)

Episode 44 (GMMore #1095) Eating A Preserved Duck Egg

NO MAIL SEGMENT - - guest episode with Jake & Amir

Episode 49 (GMMore #1100) Chocolate Dipped Pickles Taste Test 

 - -  graduation day friendship coin (from Frank & Zach, the comedic piano duo on YouTube / Nashville, TN)  - - - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQB4CL6QCBIAIDDYJUwzXXg

Episode 54 (GMMore #1105) Testing The Bow Lingual Bark Translator

 - - miniature Martin guitar Christmas ornament from Grandmother (from DJ Denev / ???)

Episode 59 (GMMore #1110) Chocolate Dipped Pickles Taste Test 

NO MAIL SEGMENT - - guest episode with Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General

Episode 64 (GMMore #1115) Toilet Paper Bowling Game

 - - shattered throat guard exploded by a slapshot at hockey practice (from Juliette Peterson & Mom & Sister [but not Dad] / ???)

Episode 69 (GMMore #1120) Sports Bra Slingshot Game

 - - custom designed and 3-D printed cube incorporating GMM logos and images (from Seth / Blytheville, AR)

Episode 74 (GMMore #1125) Guess That Foot Game

 NO MAIL SEGMENT - - too many Mythical Crewmember feet to get through

Episode 79 (GMMore #1130) Playing Googly Eyes

 - - well used 4-H clover keychain with engraved pledge won in Showmanship competition (from Victoria Thompson / Kansas State Univ, Manhattan, KS)

Episode 84 (GMMore #1135) Peeing On Jellyfish Stings ft. Linkin Park

 NO MAIL SEGMENT - - Guest Episode with Chester & Mike from Linkin Park


SEASON 12 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

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You may ask yourself, "What happened to the mail before Season 10?"

Go check that out for yourself at . . .

Hi guys :) Looks like the cattle ear tag was reposted for Episode 14.  I was so excited that they used the story of our island and fishing lure!  I have never posted here before, so hi!

Thanks for the reminder, Heather.  I was in the middle of updating the list yesterday when I got called away on other issues.  The entry above for GMMore #960 has been updated with details of your submission.

Welkomm to the Kommunity . . . and BEAST ON!

P.S. - - two (2) New Hampshire entries in a row. That's gotta be some kind of record, right?

I know!  We are such a tiny state, too.  Thanks for the update!

2 complete seasons of the KRoM are now documented on this page



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