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Dear Mythical Beasts,

Now,I know some of you have a pet,BUT if you didn't would you rather have a CAT or a DOG?

                                                                                                                                              sincerely yours Branko Lekic

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oh gumbo... :p

I say dog

I have a dog at the moment but I do want to get a cat, they are super cute easy to take care of because I have a busy life. But I still do love dogs.

Sure that works! xD

Why not both?


Why not? :o

darn picture didn't show itself!

While I like both equally, I'd rather not have the burden of any pet. But if I was forced at gunpoint, I guess a cat would do ;)

OK,fair enough!

Just cause they're smaller doesn't mean they're easier to take care of. ;)

Point taken, I'd take a fish anyday though.


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