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The things you will hear in the chat room AKA Inside jokes

This blog is pointless,  but these are some things in the chat room that you might see me say, so I might as well tell you what I am talking about so I don't have to answer you everytime you stupidly ask what the heck I am talking about:

Rhett  - 

I'm not the one who came up with this, but I still use it all the time ( I think it was actually Kim, if you know who she is.)  Instead of saying "link" for a link for such as a youtube video, I say Rhett. Why do I do this? Because switching things up is fun.

Weba -

I also didn't come up with this. This term used to be said all the time when I first joined the great Komm. This is short for "welcome back" for when, you know, you're welcoming someone back after they returned from saying "brb".

Front -

THIS I came up with... or at least I think I'm the first one to on here. Instead of saying "back" after I return after saying "brb" I say front. Why? Same reason I say Rhett instead of link.

Big Red Bottom -

I don't really use this one as often anymore because if I say it everyone won't know what i'm saying and think i'm some weirdo (Which I am anyway.) I decided that "brb" is too boring. So is "be right back." So yeah, Big Red Bottom simply means "brb".

Bretchfats -

This is just a word I made up that just means breakfast. Don't ask why, just go with it.

Ta ta fro now

You are going to think I typo-ed "fro" and that I really meant "for" but I don't. I purposely say fro. Why? Same reason I say bretchfats.  I'll usually say "And yes I meant to say fro" after I say this for the sake of keeping away the grammar Nazis. But whatever. 


Not exactly what I said but what Sir Jeff Flame {royal fire pony} said in the chat room. It's a long story, so just go with it. Kayliauna (NinjaKitty) posted that convo on Instagram too XD.


In ze chat I said I forgot what I was going to say, and Table Foster (Therizinorapter) said "Did you walk through a doorway? That makes you forget things." and I said "YES I KNEW THAT DOOTWAYS MAKE YOU FORGET THINGS" soooooo yeah...... XD


Pretty sure this explains it :

11 teen

The correct version of what 11 years old is. "eleventeen"

I am pretty certain that there are way more bizarre things you will see me say in the chat room, but I am too lazy to think of the rest.


I will add onto this whenever I remember something else that I say or come up with something new.

Thank you for reading this pointless blog of mine.

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Comment by Marcus Bean (Wilt) on August 25, 2013 at 1:31am

What about the amazing "komma"?

And I believe your Jack and Dean obsession should be included like, "fac-e-book".

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