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The mystery of Churbles: What Churbles is to me.

So, given the subject matter of "I think it's about time" and of this post I've gone back and renamed them all "The mystery of Churbles", designed to not follow the back and forth nature of the two other series and tell you about Churbles, as time passes I might make more and more series, be on the look out- don't be.

Back to the subject matter: Churbles is a weird thing really, He is me, I am it, it is a sphere, I'm not. It would take hours upon hours of thinking to think of something tangible to say to people who don't understand- I barely understand myself.

Let me put it to words: Churbles is a self-given nickname that only I call myself in a setting not so serious it would be inappropriate, but he's also a character I made up, if you could call him a character, more like an imaginary friend I don't think real. What this brought forth is good: An imaginary friend I identify myself with, in certain circumstances. Kinda funny, I'm this big humanoid, and yet I long to be a sphere with but a mouth that could fit in your hand, yes, your hand.

Quite strange.

Can you think of many other people who is their own imaginary friend... wait... yeah- who is their own imaginary friend.

No. No, you can't.

My relationship myself is frowned

upon in many civilizations,


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