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I just came back from being in a hospital for 4 hours. I woke up at 3 in the morning and my face was totally numb. I freaked out and had a legitimate panic attack. When it comes to me getting sick, I usually embellish the circumstances a little bit. I stumbled out of bed and tried to slow down my rapid breathing from freaking out. Before leaving home, I put on my Rhett and Link t-shirt. For some reason, when I wear that shirt it makes me feel positive because I think about all the amazing comedy that I've watched of Rhett and Link. It's my "good mood-inducing shirt" if that makes any sense. When I got to the hospital, I played Rhett and Link songs in my head and other funny GMM moments that I could remember. Rhett and Link have helped me a lot over the years with becoming positive and seeing the bright side to life. 

So whats up with me? All of my vital signs were up to par, and I appear to be totally normal. The numbness in my face is most likely being caused my my impacted wisdom teeth that I have yet to remove. So that'll be a blast. I wrote this blog post because I wanted to share how Rhett and Link have yet again made me more confident and optimistic, I do not wish to have a plethora of people diagnose me with diseases and conditions that they think I have. The last thing I need is more anxiety at this point! If you read this far, thank you. Do you have any stories where Rhett and Link have helped you?

<3  you all, BYMB 

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Comment by Emily on June 23, 2017 at 12:12pm
I totally get you!!! Rhett and Link have been there every step of my high school journey. From starting junior high to graduation weeks ago. I have aniexty so I can feel you when you talked about the guys helping you calm down! Also, don't worry about your wisdom teeth. I am actually recovering from mine right now! My surgeon told me that they were the biggest he has ever seen. BYMB!! :)

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