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I have been having pretty bad anxiety attacks lately. I'm not quite sure where they stemmed from, other than I am a huge introvert and tend to keep to myself. It's been a struggle as it might be for other ppl in these kinds of situations. But anyway...who cares about all that.

Rhett and Link have been people I've looked up to for years. They are the kind of people that are magnetic, even though most of us Beasts have never met them before. I have written before about this, but I feel like there is so much to write about regarding how these two comics have made an impact on my life. So, about the whole point of this story:

I switched to a new school again this year. I have switched 3 times already in these over-hyped years of high school. It's just hard living here in Milwaukee WI. Good schools are kinda rare. I had a lot of anxiety and still do about my new social strains and expectations.However, as you might have expected, one thing has kept me positive: GMM. 

This seems like a cliche, but really. I religiously watch GMM every morning. The humor and familiarity keeps me positive in a new environment where I feel alone. It's amazing really. 

I'm just so thankful for this community. (or kommunity) Of all the fanbases I've seen, I can definitely say this is an impressive place. Just connecting with hundreds of people with similar interests is so rewarding. 

Well, that's all I got. 

Bye people. 

Stay happy. 


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