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Rhett & Link Photos & Mini-Blog from the N.C. State Fair, Oct 12, 2018.

TO Rhett and Link : YOU MAY KEEP/USE THESE PHOTOS FREELY AS YOU LIKE! (Please credit, if you like). My friends and family LOVED YOUR PERFORMANCE! Had SO much fun!

Rhett and Link performed at the N.C. State Fair in the Dorton Arena, Friday, 10-12-18, from 7:30-9:45pm. It was fantastic! Please credit if sharing/reposting photos. I shot the photos of Rhett and Link with my mom's Canon camera. It made us look like we were front row even though we sat pretty far from the stage in the tiered seats!


Added Nov 19, 2018: 

Late, I know. In a nutshell, until I'm able to write more detail, here's my comment under the Ear Biscuit, "Has Touring Changed Us?" Ear Biscuits Ep.169:

"Oh the tractor pull.... lol. You guys did very well given the distraction. Well done. It was awesome! So I was there and I have a lot of criticisms about the fair, but on your part, my boyfriend, my mom and I met up with Centauromadoose and her husband and really enjoyed the show! As vets, we really enjoyed the range of songs from old to new. Middle School Girlfriend will never get old performed. It always gets laughs, it's always fun to watch and sing to! Have You Ever was my highlight because that's my ultimate favorite song of yours. I enjoyed Rabbit Lightning coming out and the songs they sang fit their style really well, especially BBQ song. The rap section was great, the jumpsuits were amazing (perhaps a nod to Shane & Jeffree?). However, I did feel, because of the boominess in the arena, it was hard to understand the words in the battles well, and visuals would have been helpful for some lyrics/songs. Belly Button and Vacation were my favorite performed in that section (SO fun to sing to!). So Dang Dark was great, but I think it needed props or visuals (but I'm used to seeing the video). There was something for everyone. My mom, who is a senior and suffered cancer, stroke, and seizures, happily enjoyed songs she could understand and laughed at many comedic moments. My boyfriend, who loves comedy and rap, enjoyed the overheard conversation songs and the rap section. I enjoyed all aspects of the show, including how y'all got by with the tractor pull noise, which I think made the show even more unique and the moments of narration. I appreciate every aspect of the show was how it was put together. I definitely think you all should play in a different, bigger arena next time because of the outside noise from the fair and the acoustics of the room, and to accommodate the ever-growing number of audience members!! As a former percussion music student/performer, I had a lot of similar thoughts as you did that you explained in this video as to why you may have chosen certain songs to play, so that made sense. I really hope you continue to tour, whether it's like the ToM or this show. It's wonderful and exciting to see you live and so fun to sing the songs with you! And when you're around other mythical beasts, that home-y feeling of community is so strong and comforting. I love it! Thanks so much!!"

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