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          HELLO BEASTS!!  I guess it's been about two weeks since my last REAL blog post, so I figured it should be a bi-weekly sorta thing. Should I make it a bi-weekly sorta thing? I dunno.

          This was my first week back at school, and...nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing. I figured someone would move or something would happen during 3 WEEKS of vacation, but I guess not. I have to write a children's book for AP History covering everything we learned last semester; well not just me, but my group. It's hard enough writing a novel for my own age group, now you want us to write for kids?! Genetics in Bio, Logarithims in Algebra 2, it's all crazy. The only thing enjoyable about Spanish 2 Honors is the people who sit next to me. Oh, and I've hit my head. Twice.

          Also, this week was kinda introspective, like what am I doing and where am I going? Talking about college and careers and I'm not even a Junior!! Also, religion. I know, I know, it's a big, touchy topic. I have to say this somewhere, though. I am an agnostic, along with my parents. I don't know if I could believe in a God who rejects my parents for who they are (if you've read my previous blogs, you'll know what I'm talking about). I did go to church with my aunt when I was little, but not very often. Lately, however, I've been thinking. We've talked so much about it in AP History, and there are even clubs in my school. All of my friends are very religious, and I used to just wonder how they could believe in something they've never heard or seen before, and almost ridicule them in my head. But now, I just wonder what it would be like to be in that sort of community, y'know? To be able to believe in something without reason, just pure faith. Pretty heavy for a kid, huh?

          I'm kinda afraid, though. I would like to go to church again, just once to see if I like it. However, I'm afraid of what my parents would think. I know my mom (bio mom, MR.SCOTT) she would take me if I ever said I wanted to, but I just wonder what she would think. Would she be disappointed? Proud? Neutral? I dunno.

           Whew, got kinda...deep there. Sorry if anyone's upset or something for me writing this. Just had to get it out.See you in...two weeks?If it's a bi-weekly thing, of course. Feedback below, please, as always.


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Comment by Scott (ThunderFalconDragon) on January 15, 2011 at 8:37pm
oh yeah i was mentioned in a Shae blog. awesome factor up by 20 points!!! well u know what my thoughts r ;)

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