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So it only took a month for GMM to return to it's former glory, and dare I say it's better? 

Now I'm not saying that an intro with music suddenly makes a podcast/video series great, but it sure does help!

If you haven't seen any episodes, go check out a few of GMM Season 1, which will give you an idea of how 1) random it is and 2) how the format and topics usually go.

Now, might just be me, but I saw a comment from Link that said there was an Easter Egg in the intro...

Did anyone see that? Do I just need a new glasses perscription? (that happens pretty regularly anyways)


But I'm sure you saw that the Randler, who was hiding off in the left side of the forest. 

One last thing, did anyone wonder why they chose a chicken?

At first I was like, "that's not mythical" but I realized it's cause it's a morning animal, and the whole rooster crowing at sunrise thing.

In fact, the more I though about it, the rooster is mythical!

I mean, have you ever met a rooster that crows, while spitting out fire that ignites into the title of your favorite webshow?

Yeah, didn't think so.

So... I think we should come up with a mythical name for the chicken, or at least bring this to the attention of Rhett and Link.

-Casey out! 

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