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So as you may have noticed, my beast name is 'the original bookworms'. Now that may sound boring, but I spent almost an hour on my computer looking through mythical beast names, and none really stood out to me. But then I began looking around my room and what did I see? Books, books, computer, writing pads, and more books!

"Bookworm!" I thought in an instant. I thought about it and decided I needed to do some research. I mean, was a bookworm even mythical? So it turns out that there are several insects that will chew binding and paper. These include: 

  • the death watch beetle larvae
  • the common furniture beetle larvae
  • book louse
  • some silverfish
  • some cockroachs
  • several types of moth

All of these almost never actually bore through a book, but rather nibble away at the pages or glue;some are attracted to leather or cloth covers. All of these different will only go after old books with more fiber-based bindings and papers; the modern glue and paper is not susceptible to these critters.

Never has the old stuff been better, even to the insects.

But enough talk about insects, then it linked me to the next defintion of bookworm, which is synonymous with bibliophile:

 "an individual who loves to read, admire and collects books"

By the way biblio= books (based off of the Bible, the highest grossing book of all time)


So, at this point I'm super into this Wiki search (shout out to Link's 'Vicki') and I click on the link that says bibliomania.

I figured it was some super stupid internet game, but no!

It is a sort of OCD that involves "collecting books to the point where social relations or health are damaged, and in which the mere fact that an object is a book is sufficient for it to be collected or loved"

Crazy stuff, right?

Casey, out!

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Comment by Rachel (Nezulupantro) on August 31, 2012 at 7:24pm

Wow! i sort of wondered not about why you picked this name (because i am obviously aware of your obsession with books), but how it was "mythical". Thanks for explaining your extensive research and yielded results, because now i get it :) and also, as you said that there are bugs that eat books, but no normal person eats through books. and you do. well. not to say that you suffer from pica (a mental issue where people eat everything), but figuratively you eat books. with your mind...sorry if this doesnt make sense. hope you understand.

you are a beast! a book consuming beast, orginal book worm!!

p.s. i think it's Rhett's Viki :D

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