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If you can (and will) host an international meet-up event in an area not already listed below, leave your request here and we will add a discussion page for your part of the mythical world. 



Australia , Asia & Oceana


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I am just saying, before you try to trick me into anything, I don't know what country I'll be on that day, but I'll see what I can do to make an appearance :)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

- I am requesting a buddy to help me plan, I will not host on my own

would like to help but i don't know if i qualify for the job...

How do I comment and make changes to the event? Or where do I go to discuss Canada meet up?

I'd Like to have a gathering in São Paulo- Brazil, but I would need some help to host the meet-up

We need one in the United Kingdom!

Why don't you?

I wouldn't have a clue what to do 

we do!! 

There really needs to be one in the UK somewhere, even just a Mythical Beast meet up kinda deal. It could be doable but idk how far people would be willing to travel for that sorta thing hah

I can do one in Christchurch, New Zealand if anyone wants to come along?!

You got it!  let the discussion and planning begin at . . .


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