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And who's your favorite!?!

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I like Rhett better...

but Link seems cute and cuddly!

I don't lone either of them.

lol that's what I was thinking



...but there's two of them... I'm not sure how "lone" is applicable...

What did you loan them?

i meant LOVE!!

sorry, atocorrect :P

I prefer link, because he's more funny

I really wanted to make an exceedingly  smarmy retort when this thread was first posted, but just couldn't decide on the right one . . . until now when I see Moose's reply.

Who else would wear the Lone Star?  So, I guess that I lone Link more . . . which would make Rhett the lowly sidekick this time around.

Comprende, Kimosabe?

Absolutely glorious.


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