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Well, first of all, no I'm not trying to be educational, I'm going for more interesting funny things you have learned

To start it all off, I've learned:

1) about lucid dreaming... (still can't do it though!)

2) that despite what the Facebook Song may say, they still do "meet girls hanging out at the mall"

3) The way to a woman's heart is through a worms anus

I'm interested to know what you've learned, do tell me...


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- if you wake up to screaming ... Put pants on just in case you are called in to action.

- evifercated is a word to mean biting ones toung

-shamamadjamo (spelling?) is something that happens to me all the time and I had no words for it

-curse words can lead to great life long friendships and much income :P

-I also learned that I am very jealous that I don't have a best friend like Rhett or Link

Never trust your 7th and 8th grade English and Math teacher's husband to fix your tire.

Clownsharks are real.

The Germans always make good stuff. (Initial credit to ShamWow)

Ha! Clownsharks, and people thought Goth boy was scary! Yes the Germans make good stuff... (Viki?)

1. I learned how to find my iPhone if its ever lost
2.i learned about binaural beats and have now downloaded an app so i can listen to them when I can't fall asleep
3.i learned how to resolve the pervasive party problem
And I can't even tell you how many times a topic is brought up in conversation and I have been able contribute valuable statistics and information and just take the conversation to a whole other level because of something I have learned through watching GMM. All the time!

Yes, there are soooooo many GMM topics that I'm like, miniature horses... I mean really that's a GREAT topic starter. :p

the pervasive party problem is one of my favorites. :)

1) I now know prison lingo...and snicker to myself every time I say 'all day' or 'back door'.

2) I know how snakes talk. XD

3) I know to enunciate when I say 'boots.'

4) I know that children make great weight lifting equipment.

5) I know about bloody noses.

6) That I shouldn't feel bad for also being a fainter.

7) That I'm not the only one who things there is a spider on me when it's really just my own hair.

8) I learned to never bend over when getting dressed at the gym with out checking behind you first.

9) That I should right down the funny stories of my friends injuries so we can re-tell them later.

10) That even thought you might fight sometimes with a friend....they are worth keeping....for a long time.

        Thanks for all the wisdom you impart Rhett and Link!!

        And thanks for the post Karrie.


"XSSSSSS, I'm a snake" (high feminie voice) :D

Those are some good ones, my favorite one is the one about friends injuries... I'll make sure to take advantage of that. :)

1) That one does not simply give a man a C-Section.

2) life is like an empty pinata.

3) always read the signs before going on a ride.

4) do not go into a pool if you are ill with diarrhea.

5) watch out before you throw a line while fishing.

6) if there is a stranger who is doesn't seem...normal, send your best friend to investigate.

7) in order to make someone like you, you need to touch knees with them.

8) if you have long legs, sit next to the emergency exit

9) if you're going to face your food fears, do it while on camera

10) always wear a seat-belt when driving into a ditch.

11) people cannot sit in the back of a pickup truck because that's just dangerous.

12) {this was kind of mentioned in the other replies but...} friendship can take two people a long way.

Oh and Karrie, when you said 'that despite what the Facebook Song may say, they still do "meet girls hanging out at the mall"', did you mean all of us at MythiCon? xD

Nice!! ^^ Love it!


I will religiously follow number 5 although I'm a bit hesitant on number 7... :p

And you bet girl that's what I meant about the Facebook Song ;)

I really don't know how I would feel if that's how someone tried to get my attention. I would probably look at them weird. xD

And I knew it :D

haha after ive heard link's story about hooking lincoln with the fishing hook, ive been dreading my next fishing trip with my dad just a little bit :P (though i really love fishing)...im a little scared now.


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