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OK, so I've been patiently waiting for November to roll around so I could finally tell the Komm this idea of mine. I think Rhett and Link are awesome, and I'm sure you agree, and are definitely on all of our lists of things we're thankful for...

So! I had the idea that we could send them something exciting, special and new that represents all of us as a Kommunity. And that is a picture. No, no not one picture, well yeah i guess it technically is one picture... nevermind, just take a look:

This is Me.

This is Me too.

You may want to step back for the full effect.

So yes I want to create something like this for Rhett and Link, but not with pictures of flowers and random stuff, but of YOU! Yes, mythical beasts, this is Operation Thanksgiving, it has two parts:

Step 1) upload your photo to this discussion as a reply and tell me your thoughts

Step 2) Upload a picture that you want to be the main picture, or in other words, the thing that all the little pictures of us mythical beasts will become. From there on out, we can decide together what picture we would like to use.

Thanks for the support, 

Keep Being Mythical,


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this is a GREAT idea!

Thanks! :D

Upload a pic you want to be the main picture we create. I need some ideas... should it be Rhett and Link? A turkey? Praying hands to symbolize thanks? Morgan Freeman? (jk, but really anything!)

Lionel Richie.

All the way 

oh my god yes. This.

I'm with this idea, and you can use my profile pic.

Thanks a bunch Phantomgirl 22... nice profile pic btw

Good thinking. I'll have to upload a real picture of me though haha.

Awesome thanks a bunch... your profile pic is pretty funny though! :D

this is an awesome idea. use my dp :) 

We should put the thumbnails for their featured videos. I would also like my picture(im mobile right now, so i cant upload, but i will get it soon!)

That is an awesome idea! :)

Also maybe stills of them at iconic moments! We need to get WAY MORE  mythical beasts!


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