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Wow we really didn't have a place for this yet?

Come on then folks. What's your thoughts on Sketchtober so far?

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Well, Alex, you read my mind.

I love these replies:

Q: Do you guys aspire to do any long form narrative content? Or content with a contiguous story-line over multiple videos a la The Guild? Because i think it would be cool to see how you guys told a story that size-
A: Now you're on to it. Yes. Yes. And thanks. –Link


Q: Would you guys like to make a movie ('The Good Mythical Movie')?
A: Definitely. One of the reasons we're doing #sketchtober is to reestablish this part of our work. Lots of people forget that GMM started as a side project...we love it and have no plans to stop, but we want to create narrative content, and yes indeed, at some point, a movie. – Rhett

Seems like testing the water/success with Sketchtober before investing the huge amount of time and probably money into projects such as scripted series/movie. Exciting stuff

Yea Carol, getting a feel for fan reaction before moving forward...exactly.
The way i see it their approach and style is that of an artist trying out different styles, and personally I think they are doing an amazing job. It also kinda gives us a better understanding of their type of humor.
(Also, it needs to last longer than October~~~)

The BFFs sketch is my favorite so far even though it surprisingly took a sad turn at the end. Now I know that Link is actually a clone, but I wonder what happened to the original Link and why Rhett made clones of Link. I can't wait for the next one and I heard that it is going to be about a customer service call and putting a puzzle together. These sketches made me realize that they are great actors and that put a lot of work into them. I like their style of comedy in these sketches beause there were just casual talks that started getting funny through out the video unlike other sketches other Youtubers would do where they put too much into the video and do crazy stuff just to try to make it funny

For the people who are wondering what the outro song is to the BFFs sketch on YouTube, 

The song for BFFs is Delicate Hope by Dane

I used Shazam

All three sketches released so far were great. The Nose-Looker was one of the best sketches I've watched, Campin' was also brilliant ( the ending, I lost it ) and BFF's was just a masterpiece. It made me laugh at the beginning but the ending made me cry. Especially the last line. I can't wait to see the other two.

I love it.  I really liked BFF's made me kinda sad but it was so sweet also.  The Noselooker was scary but also funny especially the part of the creepy girl over Links shoulder.

Loving them all, but like most who have posted, BFFs is my favorite by a wide margin: it really is impressive how such a short sketch can swing from pleasant, mundane silliness to that emotionally intense, dark, VERY creepy, heart-wrenching ending, all in a matter of moments!    Beautiful, subtle acting, too.     I am genuinely impressed.  Creeped out, but impressed!

"The Puzzle" is now up for free on Vessel- no sign up needed  https://www.vessel.com/videos/W3cADLLbm

Edit.. corrected the link

The Puzzle is tied with Campin' for me in hilarity and it's a nice relief from the emotional impact BFFs had... but BFFs has got to be the best example of their storytelling I have seen so far and I don't see how they could top that with the 5th sketch... but knowing Rhett and Link as well as I have come to through all their videos, they will find a way to surprise me! Though I enjoyed the Nose-Looker all the rest have eclipsed it on every level... the Puzzle is the closest in style to it, but it just seems like they took it up several notches in the way they delivered the humor. They all have those touches of awkwardness (in the best way, that is genuinely Rhett and Link) and darker humor which feels fitting for the month of October, and I love trying to figure out where they got the ideas from and how they developed.

And I gotta say something about that camera work and editing, because man, is it good! I went back and found the snapchat from when they were filming BFFs and you can see a little of how it was done, and it's just genius.

Love it


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