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I must say I have no ideas... feeling un-imaginative right now......

I think we should name it LuLu.

Awesome profile pic Bri.

Goodness, the mythical beasts sure are on a kick to name inanimate objects (like Rhett's beard).

Well, I veto lulu cause it's a female name... but how about Drake.

What? I'm not gonna explain it. :)

i said that cuz its an inside joke between me and K-LA

I wouldn't say it's inanimate...I mean, it moves every time Link talks....


i thought so too she my best friend... so i said lets name rhetts beard... we planned this stuff it was fun

that sounded like sarcasm lol


idc lol XD it was still fun

I like that name for it Link. :P

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 I would go with either McIntosh or Lord Nelson

. . . and maybe TWENTY OUNCE for it's rap artist tag



NEXT TOPIC:  Let's Name Rhett's Left Eyebrow (the one that pops up)

I suggest "Gary"


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