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According to today's GMM, the Komm is a great place to discuss how to take over the world. In a good sense. Not a bad sense. So how do YOU propose we take over the world? 

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The komm would go around the world on unicorns by land, narwhals by sea, pterodactyl by are and make everyone in the world a mythical beast!!!(with Rhett and Link as our co-princes):D
I already am an emperor, so i'll use my power and rise to rule the entire world!!! Mwahahaha! Then, my first decree shall be to make rhett and link the only internetainment with me as their one and only sponsor.

I would cover it in snuggies, so we aren't hit by the meteorites, and everyone is warm (Or cold if you put them in the freezer) and happy, and comfortable. Either that or I would force everyone to shave their heads but me, and have the hair all collected into one huge pile, and I would disinfect all of it, then fill my swimming pool with it.

I like the snuggie idea better though. It seems more sanitary...

I definitely LOL-ed at the second one. One of the strangest things I've heard, but that could be a fun experience, except for the people losing hair.

I know ppl are always like "end world hunger" give "world peace" and stuff like that, but I find that al extremely unimaginative. I think if I had to take over the world, I would give everyone 2 good parents in a functional family that loved them...

I think communities, states, governments, dare I say the world, would follow suit.

But that's just me. :)


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