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"Computers vs. Calculators" and "Invincibility vs. Invisibility"
Published January 18, 2007

[My sincerest apologies for the hiatus...it was a very long week. Dx]

Computers vs. Calculators
First of all, I had no idea that father time looked kinda like a wrestler with a beard. He's in pretty good shape, too, I imagined him to be much more like...Dumbledore...? xD
Although, who knows, Dumbledore might have some killer abs underneath those robes. x]
I also want to know where Link got the Fudge Round suit, and if they ever make a video for the Lil' Debbie Song, they could definitely find something to use it for...
I want to know why and how they came up with these debates...Some of it just sounds like improv, which would be hilarious if they ever decided to try it one day. xD
The points they make I think I could actually hear in a debate involving my school...I wouldn't be at all surprised. x]
But the "Uncle Time" thing was too clever for our debate team, though. xD
My opinion -
Calculators are pretty hand tools, especially in math class where computers aren't allowed, but you can't do a whole lot on a calculator. Sure, nice big ones have a few games, but that's nothing compared to what you can do with a computer.
As for my vote for the winner of the debate, I'd have to say Father Time for this one.
(By the way, I still haven't named my graphing calculator. Any ideas? =])

Invincibility vs. Invisibility
It would have been funny if they change suits and were able to debate with different characters, like the flower vs. the caribou, for example. x]
I love how neither of them actually debate anything for this one, it's all about trying to explain the topic to Father Time and telling him which topic he's debating. x]
My opinion -
I'm already pretty much invisible to a lot of people, so actually being invisible probably won't help all that much at this point. Invincibility seems much more useful, though I'm rarely ever in a situation that puts my life at risk.
...But it would be fun to sneak up behind people while invisible and freak them out. (Oooohhhh, I'm a ghoooost!! xD)
Winner: Fudge round. (Duh.) x]

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