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"The Dam"
Published July 24, 2006

Once again, I'm not really sure what this was for.
Although, it probably was just a simple thing guys do for fun, which I don't understand. Is this something a lot of people do when they visit a dam? Or were they just trying not to get caught (by the "dam police"? xD)?
I don't really see how throwing a rock into water and watching the splash is fun. . .but that's just a girl for you. xD
It would make more sense if it wasn't the plan to go specifically for the purpose of throwing a rock into the water, or if they stopped at the dam on the way to somewhere else, but it seems like the sole purpose of their trip to Tennessee was to throw a rock in the water. x]
It also seems like some experimenting was going on with the camera work, which is pretty cool at some points, and the music is nice, as well.
And it would have been hilarious if Link did drop the camera, and then somehow later retrieved it (with the footage and camera unharmed, of course). xDD
They sure have come a long way since then. ^^

Oh cool, I just realized that mine was the 5,000th view of this video. xDD

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