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The Tale of Fqwhgads: A pointless short folk tale made by Moi

The Tale of Fqwhgads1

1Fqwhgads- (Fah-Hug-A-Wha-Gads) The most evil and gooddoing thing in the galaxy.

A long time ago, in the country of Lappy, there lived a duck-dragon thing named Fqwhgads. He was the most evil and gooddoing thing in the galaxy. Here is his story:
One day, Fqwhgads threw everyone in a well. Soon after, he brought them back up. And everyone loved Fqwhgads for rescuing them. Fqwhgads then turned the ground to fish, and allowed everyone to eat the fish. After, he threw everyone in a well again. Fqwhgads kept everyone in a well for centuries. After Fqwhgads brought everyone up, he brought them to Russia. Soviet Russia, in WW2, to be exact. The Russians loved him, and worshipped him for some reason. Then, after ruling Russia for a bit, he took the Russians, along with all the people from Lappy, and threw them down a well. After seven years, Fqwhgads brought everyone back up, and gave them all meatball subs and other sandwiches. He then threw everyone back down the well for the rest of eternity.

This has been the tale of Fqwhgads. Tata now!

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Comment by Rachel (baobhansithowl) on January 25, 2013 at 5:02pm

well i mean it could be a metaphor for the evil and good in humanity and the insatiable need to fix our wrongdoings but evil wins out in the end

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