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The Dark Knight Rises: You didn't really think he would die did you?

So yes folks, I finally saw the Dark Knight Rises. 

I'm gonna start this off by saying Chris Nolan did a wonderful job, especially considering he was given a princess dressed in a black widow suit (Anne Hathaway, sorry still see her as the character in Princess Diaries) and a man with a perpetual cold voice.

Sorry, but that's only cool when Rhett does it. :)

Ok now that I'm done being sarcastic, I really loved this movie, although there was some unnecsessary cussing, but it was pretty good plotline, and even a twist ending (spoilers begin now!)

Miranda does turn out to be the child that once climbed out of the prison and as always the hero, Batman, lives on. 

Alfred has his dream come true, Batman gets the girl & his company, Catwoman goes good, the boys get a better life, Robin... gets a cave?

Does this smell like a new series for Robin?

I sure hope not, I think it best not to try and fix something that isn't broke...

And I'm pretty sure Nolan's bank account is far from it. 

Oh and monster trucking... well, I say great minds think alike. :D


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