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Ah, it's so good to Be back! Boy has a lot Changed...

Well school is a Thing now and thank God for it. I'd be going Nowhere fast if it Weren't for schoolwork. However, it does come With some.... Side effects. Mainly stress and insomnia. Mostly stress. ALL stress. 

Anyhow, that's enough of Pessimism, that's Not my reason for Typing today. No. Today I'd rather talk about something Super important to me: giving. 

Yes, tis the Season of Giving everyone, and Gee has it been a good Year to give! It's such a beautiful Thing to see so many people willing and wanting to Help our World become a better place all around. Our generation has This great opportunity to go and Reach others, to give them Hope as well as Help. The contribution you Make doesn't have to be much: every Penny counts and so does Every word.

So, as I come To a close of a Very stressful week, I must Remind myself that My struggles are Small and, if I can, I will do my Best to help those Whose are larger.    And, as always,

                                       ~DFTBA and I'll See You 'Round the Verse

21 days until P4A!!

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