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I dunno if I'm using this blog thing correctly oops, but I wanna talk about a neat idea I wanna draw relating to my GMM Pokemon thoughts? Just kinda writing it out here because I've been thinking about it yeyee!

Ok so I'm thinking I wanna draw Rhett, Link, and the crew w/ Pokemon! There's been some rad suggestions from some rad folk on what Pokemon who should have omg and it makes me excited to work doodle 'em O;
I kinda have two different ideas? Like I mean like drawing everyone w/ Pokemon that'd suit them that's my first idea omg! But also GMM is nearing 1000 episodes and wow that's amazing?? And honestly I've only been a fan since the start of this year but as I've been exploring more of Rhett and Links work it's amazing how I recognise things from years ago that I didn't know were things from Rhett and Link, if that makes sense? So I guess it's kinda this funny thing of having known of them for less time than I've known of their work? But yeah I've only followed them since th start of this year but already I'm in love with their work and I have, as one could say, made them a part of my daily routine!
ANYWAY IM KINDA RAMBLING HERE WHoops but yes what I'm getting at is that GMM is nearing its 1000th episode and that's kinda a sentimental thought woah, and watching back on their old work it's amazing how far they've come and it's just a nice thought?
So I wanna ALSO DRAW A Seperate thing of just Rhett and Link, like a younger Rhett and Link (Link w/ the longer hair and small glasses, and Rhett with the chinstrap) of them standing across from each other, like they're standing together on one picture but kinda standing opposite each other? Kinda commanding a Charmander (Rhett) and a Squirtle (Link). And then I wanna draw as they are now, again in the same picture, with their arms linked, or maybe standing back to back pointing outwards, and they're smiling/laughing as they command Charmeleon/Charizard and Wartortle/Blastoise
I've not decided on whether I should draw the final evolutions or the second evolutions I'm planning on seeing what happens bUT YEAH

Idk I've had those images in my head for a while and I kinda wanted to talk about them because wow Rhett and Link have come so far and grown so much and like dang buddy first it was just these two but now they have a whole production team and I mean, they're Rhett and Link but they're also Mythical Entertainment they're a business with a whole team of people with them and that's amazing yo

But yes I rambled and I guess tl;dr I'm sentimental about Rhett and Link and I want to draw a nerdy sentimental picture of younger them with non-evolved Pokemon and then present them with evolved form Pokemon because I love Pokemon and that seems like an emotional thing to me omgkdbd

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Comment by Alli (gator) on June 13, 2016 at 6:07am

I love the idea! So excited to see the final product! xP

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