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Some of you have heard my tails of my four year old Seraiah. She is the youngest girl of seven kids.  She has a way of being herself and making her own drum beat and not marching to that either.

One Morning while making breakfast I start Passing out the Pancakes. “OH! I Love Pancakes!” shouts one. “I Love pancakes!” Giggles another. “I LOVE PANCAKES!” one girl screams. “I Love Rainbow dash.” Seraiah pipes in.

Having six girls in one family yu can guess that they all like My Little Pony. They also like to play a lot of make believe and recreate their own stories. One Day they decided to play My Little Pony. As they start their argument about who is what pony, “I’m Pinkie Pie!” “I’m Applejack!” “I’m Rainbow Dash!” “I’m Iron Man!”  …….”MOM Seraiah isn’t playing our pretend game right!”

A couple days ago I decided to take my girls out to Chile’s for a special treat. Looking over the menu the girls are shouting out things they would like for me to order. “I Want Texas Cheesy Fries!” “I want loaded Nachos!” “Get me Big Mouth Sliders!” “I want a Barbie.”

I make a lunch for everyone and we are all sitting around and enjoying it. I make a very good green bean casserole (Bacon), and the girls are digging in. “So Girls, What do you think of lunch?” “It’s Great!” “LOVE IT!” “You have to make this like every day!” “mmmhmmmhmmm!” “Well I don’t think its poison.”

Well I can’t wait to post more events of Seraiah my Random Girl.


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