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Things about to get busy. I'm going to express my semi-controversial views on vegetarianism.

If you eat meat, you may or may not agree with vegetarianism, you may think:

We're all animals.

I don't care about animals, they aren't people.

God made animals for food.

I had a conversation with a meat-eater in chat. He said, "If you're trying to save animals, why are you stealing their food?"

-_- , there's a big difference in not eating animals and trying to save them. I'm not in PETA or something, I simply do not eat meat.

I get these questions a lot in chat, so I figured I'd answer them here. I once got "Well if you aren't trying to save animals, why don't you eat meat?"

Are you suggesting that I'd have to be in Peta to not eat meat? What if I don't like the taste? Why don't YOU eat dirt? It's essentially the same question, just because something's available to you doesn't make you want to put it in your mouth and eat it.

I've never had meat, probably never will, if I started now, I'd have health issues due to the changes my body would have to make to digest meat.

Back to the question about stealing animal food, animals aren't dying of starvation, some of them are. Lots of birds are going extinct, you think it's because I'm eating worms? I'm not eating worms, I'm not eating fish either.

But SOME are eating fish, the fish the birds eating, some people are eating the bird itself too.

I'm not stealing mud from pigs to eat, but SOME  people are cutting their butts off frying them and rubbing it on various appliances. Need I say more, on vegetarianism?


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