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OC Remix ( For short) is this awesome website that my brother showed me. ( ocremix.org) On this site, there are tons of musical artists who take your favorite video game compositions and make them into new music by adding components of other songs.

(Before I go on, I should also mention that this isn't an advertisement or anything- I'm just telling the two people who read this about it.)

But, yeah. So, they have professional-grade music FOR FREE DOWNLOAD on their website. I gotta say- it's pretty good. 

"But, Ollie! Why are you telling me all this?! I don't care!"

I can hear you asking.

It's because they have good music for video game fans.

Does that answer your question? :)

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Comment by Ollie ( Dragonelk) on August 31, 2014 at 9:54am

This week, I recommend " Atlantis Awakening" by Jillian Aversa.

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