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Hello, fellow beasts!!!

I am so excited to announce that I've been accepted to join a convent this August!  I have been thinking about joining one for quite some time, and now I am so happy that it's finally happening!  I'm going to be a nun!!

So what does that mean?

I am a catholic, and catholics have groups of men and women who choose to live in communities particularly dedicated to prayer and service.  Those who join the communities vow to live their lives according to what are called the "evangelical counsels": poverty, chastity, and obedience.  In other words, the members have nothing of their own, they live celibate lives in order to have an undivided love for Christ, and they submit themselves completely to their superiors.  In these ways, they seek to live as closely to how Jesus Christ lived as much as possible.

The order I am joining is called the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia.  "Dominican" refers to St. Dominic, who established the particular way of life the nuns follow.  Dominican orders mainly focus their work on preaching and teaching, so you'll see a lot of Dominican nuns in schools.

As per the practice of poverty, when I join in August, no more internet and no more Rhett and Link or GMM.  It's definitely bitter-sweet because the Kommunity and being a daily watcher has been so much fun.  Of course I'll be sticking around for several more months, but I'm going to gradually try and step back from these things.  I'll still keep up with the R&L history posts, but I'll be asking for a replacement maybe in a couple of months so someone can still help Alli out.  I'm planning to send Rhett and Link and the crew some mail to say thanks and goodbye.

If you're still curious, feel free to send me a message!  Or if you'd rather peruse the website for the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, be my guest!  Here are a couple of key pages:

The Formation Process

Our Vowed Life

Characteristics of Our Charism

A Day in the Life

Motherhouse Tour

Or a couple of videos about their life!

Young Women Flock to Catholic Order

The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia - Promo

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Comment by Emily on April 22, 2016 at 10:12pm
Wow! Best of luck on your journey! God has special plans for people like that! Also good luck weening on Rhett and Link! :)
Comment by Sarah (RiverMouse) on April 22, 2016 at 9:21pm

Thank you so much! This really is an awesomely supportive Kommunity.  Mythical Beasts are some of the best people in the world. : )

Comment by Lora Fay (Phantom Fairy) on April 22, 2016 at 2:01pm

Sending lots of good wishes and love to you for your spiritual journey!

Comment by Victoria (Centauromadoose) on April 22, 2016 at 1:51pm

What an announcement! Thanks so much for all your mythical contributions to the Kommunity and as a Mythical Beast in general. Best wishes to you on your journey! :)

Comment by Grace (Pheasphant) on April 22, 2016 at 4:05am

I'm so happy for you (I'm Catholic too) but I'm slightly saddened as I've seen you on the Kommunity in so many different places and I'm going to miss you!

Comment by Sarah (RiverMouse) on April 21, 2016 at 6:29pm

Thank you so much!  (Those nunchucks are amazing, haha!)

Even though I would love to stay in touch with the Kommunity, I know that staying online wouldn't be in the spirit of separation from the world.  It's not a bad thing to give up good things for a greater thing. : )  I CAN though receive letters from friends and family at certain times, so I wouldn't think there'd be a problem if one of you just decided to update me on any new haircuts or whatever, haha!

Comment by Heather S. (YogaGhost) on April 21, 2016 at 1:33pm

Congratulations! That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you! I hope it will be enlightening for you and I wish you well in this! You've been a wonderful mythical beast, in my opinion. :) 

Comment by Gumbo V2.0 on April 21, 2016 at 11:45am

I understand about the vow of poverty being one of the evangelical counsels, but so long as the viewing of the daily GMM episodes and Kommunity happenings is not discouraged or forbidden by you order's dictates that shouldn't, in itself, preclude you from continuing.  While I'm certain that the first several months will be highly structured and very time consuming in studies, you'll likely still have some open "down time" and could benefit from a trip to the local library and free internet access.

Thank you for the contributions to our Kommunity that you've made these past months and in the upcoming days as you prepare for the transition.

God speed and bless you on this new adventure!

Seal of the Dominican Order.png

 . . . and, as a lovely parting gift, here's you own personal set of nunchucks . . .

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