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Written by A Miss Calculation, A loyal mythical beast

“LINK,When are you gonna be done?You’ve been eating your cereal for an hour!” whined Rhett, who had been waiting at the door for about fifteen minutes. “If we’re going to find a cockatrice we need to leave early.”

“Come on man, I’ve only been eating for like, a minute! Just because you finished your ‘special breakfast’ doesn’t mean I’m going to speed up.” Link mumbled while taking another spoonful of his favorite cereal, Frosted Mini Wheats.

“ Two sunny side up eggs, two pieces of bacon, and three pieces of toast are supposed to attract the cockatrice.” Rhett said defensively, crossing his arms over the crisp plaid shirt he was wearing.

“ Sorry, man. Let’s go get that mythical beast!” Link whooped, with a lopsided grin on his face.  

As they hiked through the trees, Link asked,“ Hey, Rhett. How long until you think we’ll find a cockatoo whatsit?” He adjusted his glasses, for they were reflecting harshly off the early morning sun.

“ Anytime soon. I can feel it, brother.” the taller man replied, as Link struggled to catch up.

“Wait.” Link whispered crouching low. “ I think I see something.” The two men silently started army-crawling up the grassy, pine surrounded hill to get a closer look. Suddenly, they saw it. A small, white dragon-like chicken creature on the crest of the hill. Rhett gasped and slowly took out his camera, but Link was way ahead of him. Link had already stood upright and was fumbling with his iphone, trying to find the camera app.

“No!Wait! Link, You’re gonna scare him away!” Rhett whisper shouted to the raven haired man quickly. Suddenly, the magnificent cockatrice shifted and looked around. It looked at the two men with its beady eyes and let out a large roar along with a billowing cloud of flame. Both internetainers stood transfixed, looking at the strange creature. Immediately after the impressive blast of fire the creature flew off.

“Let’s go after him!” Link ran off in the direction the creature flew to with Rhett close behind. After the two had ran after the cockatrice for a while, following the ashy trail in the grass, they stopped. “I’m beat. Let’s rest a while.” Link wheezed and Rhett wearily nodded his agreement. They both lay down beneath a couple of pines, and sat in silence.

Eventually, Rhett decided this would be a good time to text Jessie and his children. “Hey, How r u?” he texted while listening to his friend’s steady breathing. “Fine. Christy and I were having a great time with the kids.” Rhett smiled at her reply, glad that his and Link’s wife were such good friends. “We're probably not going 2 come home tonight.We were in hot pursuit of the cockatrice, but we are resting now.” They texted a while longer, then Link woke up.

“Hey man, how long was I out?” Link asked as Rhett was putting away his phone.

“A while. Let’s go, before it gets too dark.” Link nodded his agreement, dusted off his black tee and skinny jeans, and whipped out his flashlight.

“Onward!” Link shouted with a goofy smirk.

As they followed the trail in silence, they suddenly stopped once again. They had reached a beautiful, rippling pond with a huge pillar of dark earth in the middle. “I bet it’s up there!” Rhett said excitedly as the large white moon shone on the lake. As if hearing the man talk about it, a huge roar resounded across the lake and through the hills.“Well, the only thing to do is climb that that thing.” Rhett said as Link whistled softly at the sheer height of the towering structure. As they climbed, they playfully argued what the best superhero was. “Naw man, Hawkman is the bomb.” Rhett said while finding another foothold. “Much cooler than Batman.”

This went on for quite some time, and neither of them realized the sun was coming up, or that they were near the top. When Link found out that they were reaching the top, he grew excited. “Rhett! We’re almost there!”

“Yeah, I know!” As they breached the top, the morning sun was rising over the California hills and reflecting the creature’s immaculate feathers. They balanced on the edge, transfixed on the magnificent bird in front of them. Again, it let out a fiery roar, but something was different this time. Rhett and Link both watched, terrified, as the flame enveloped the bird and it disintegrated. “Uhm, are they like phoenixes or something?” Rhett slowly asked. Then a swirl of red light formed around the ashes rising out of them was a baby cockatrice.

“Let’s name it Belvedere!” Link eagerly exclaimed. Rhett enthusiastically nodded as the small bird looked at them. Their wonderful journey was complete.




As I looked at these two strange creatures once again, I wondered why they had come all this way for me. I gazed at them and they looked back, in some sort of strange awe. Why? I didn’t do anything special. I was just a normal cockatrice, living out my short days on this planet. As I flew off, towards the sandy desert arches, I reflected on my strange experience. For some reason when the dark-haired one said ‘Let’s name it Belvedere’, I felt some sort of strange pride. I was special. I had a name. I was Belvedere.


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Comment by A Miss Calculation (Moolynx) on February 25, 2016 at 6:02pm

Thanks! It came to me one day and I decided to write it.

Comment by Whitaker (Fleshfooted Furrybird) on February 25, 2016 at 3:47pm

I love it!!

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