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Good Mythical Meeting shedule - Streaming events on Togethertube.com

Hey Mythical Beasts!

Mark your calendars, because we have some #GoodMythicalMeeting streaming events coming up!

Here is the link to join our room:

As you can see we have gathered some very different ideas for the next events.
Most of the descriptions in the picture are self-explanatory, but I wanted to explain the "R&L sketches (Chat can vote!)" a bit more!

During that stream every MB in the chat can search on Youtube for their favorite Rhett and Link sketch and copy the link into the search bar on our togethertube room.
As soon as they voted for their own video it will come up in the "Upcoming Videos" queue. Once it is in there every MB can vote for that video (only one time per person) to decide the order of the next videos that will be played for everyone.
It is pretty simple and I'm sure you'll get the hang out of it, once you're in the stream! ;)

Please make sure to pay attention to the time zones and if you have any more questions, just ask me on Twitter! ( @LucyHowlter )

I'm looking forward to these events and I hope that a lot of people will join us! <3

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